7 Ways to Give Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply

7 Ways to Give Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply

Bathroom is considered the most important room in your home. It’s the place where you start and finish each day. When you wake up, you use the toilet, wash your hands, brush your teeth, take a shower and even style your hair. And before you go to bed, a bathroom is where you relieve yourself, brush your teeth, wash your hands. These are the primary reasons why a bathroom is something you can redecorate to make it more pleasing. However, you don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money to transform your bathroom into a cool, relaxing space. Below are the 7 ways to consider when renovating your bathroom on a budget.

7 Ways to Give Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply flowers

  1. Consider repainting.

If you’re on a tight budget, then repainting can do a lot more to give your bathroom a refreshing look. Remember that using paint can be the cheapest way to redecorate your bathroom cheaply. You just have to choose the right mixture of paint and you’re already good to go. However, you must also consider the fact that repainting takes more time than you think. Although your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, you have to paint slowly and gently so you’ll achieve the kind of renovation you want for your bathroom.

  1. Try to limit your bathroom tiles.

In reality, tiles are expensive. This is even more pricy if you hire a contractor to install the same. That’s why if you want to save more money in your bathroom redecoration, it’s best to limit the amount of tile and instead divert your attention to other high-impact areas such as the flooring. For example, you can use tiles on one or two horizontal strip and use paints for the rest. If you really want tiles to make your bathroom more artistic, then you can still do it by using it as an accent alongside the cheaper tile. That way, you’re able to do renovation without shelling out a ton of money.

  1. Be environment-friendly with your upgrades.

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be costly especially when it comes to upgrades. If possible, think about the environment when planning about your renovation. You can get the most out from buying used or repurposing materials to make your bathroom more environment-friendly. Use water-saving toilets, sinks and shower heads so you’ll not have to spend money for no good reason. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of an old mirror above the sink, vintage light fixtures and other recycled items. Essentially, what’s important is that every time you reuse something old, you’re not only saving cash but you’re helping the environment as well.

7 Ways to Give Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply sink

  1. Refinish your bathroom fixtures.

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t mean replacing your old fixtures and buy new ones. Take note that changing your old shower or tub will probably cost you a lot of money. Instead, you can have these pictures refinished which is in fact more economical. However, try to be careful in choosing those items that you want to professionally reline because there are some which aren’t worthy of refinishing anymore. If you think your shower and sink fixtures are old enough, it’s best to have them replaced than redo them because it’ll be more costly to do otherwise. If you need help about your plumbing needs, you can take advantage of several companies like gmplumbingcorporation.com for a full plumbing service.

  1. Clean caulk and grout.

When doing a make-over of your bathroom, it’ll be wise if you don’t overlook some minor yet very important details like the caulk and grout. By cleaning these fixtures, you’ll not end up paying a pretty penny because of your renovation efforts. Keep in mind that grout and caulk can be a money-saving way to give your bathroom a cozy look.

  1. Choose a cheaper counter top.

While a bathroom counter takes a smaller space, you can probably choose one which is fairly low-price compared to others. If you want to save on your counter top, look at the color first and be sure to select those unpopular ones which are less costly.

  1. Create your own wallpaper.

If you choose not to spend a single penny for your bathroom renovation, then making your own wallpaper can be a best idea. You can use the pages of your vintage book as a cover and you’re good to go.


Ideally, your bathroom sets tone for the rest of your home. Having said it, no wonder why most people think about redesigning it no matter how expensive it will be. Fortunately, there are money-saving tips that can help you redecorate a bathroom moving forward. If you think about renovating your bathroom, you just have to follow these tips and you’re on your way toward transforming it into a new soothing space you can look forward to using.


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