Your Underwear & Its Role In Body Confidence

Your Underwear & Its Role In Body Confidence

Body confidence is a popular topic these days, and it’s no wonder why. Following generations of a media that glorified uncomfortably thin women, it was really only in the early 2000s that movements finally began gaining real traction and making a difference in the way the media portrays women, health, and beauty.

In the years since, countless magazines and other publications have begun to place more value on natural beauty. Now, female and fashion centric magazines are also starting to be more inclusive and diverse with their model selection while putting emphasis on the flaws that make women unique, which (in previous years) would have been instantly edited out.

If you are on your own journey of body confidence, there are probably many areas of your life that you are taking a second look at. Maybe you’re looking to alter your makeup routine, rethink your nutrition plan, and start being more active and social in your community. Whatever it takes to get you into a more confident version of you, it’s worth investing the time and effort.

However, there’s one area of your life you have probably overlooked until now: your underwear. Multiple models and celebrities tout that, while confidence must come from the inside, it is obvious that the things you wear on the outside will have a direct correlation with how you feel. It’s like how dressing nice makes you stand a bit taller and walk with a bit more sass. Along the same lines, wearing comfortable and beautiful underwear will in turn make you feel more comfortable and beautiful, boosting your body confidence.

Having properly fitting and comfy underwear is also important, and bras especially can be a pain point in many women’s lives. If you are looking to boost your body confidence, view the collection of comfortable bras and begin taking a closer look at your wardrobe. What you wear reflects who you are, so show off your personality in style!


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