Dressing To Impressing: Tips To Fashion When You’re Plus-sized

Dressing To Impressing: Tips To Fashion When You're Plus-sized

The society today would usually depict beauty as someone who’s skinny. The number of thin models who are endorsing different products can attest to this status quo. This is probably the reason why most plus-sized individuals have a hard time dressing themselves. Their body shape is considered as subject of disdain and this can adversely affect them in many ways. Having this kind of mindset should be erased right away. Even if you’re plus-sized, there are many ways on how you can dress to impress. Here are some of the ways on how you can do it:

  1. Always have a “no-brainer” outfit: Regardless of how you like to dress up, there will be days when you don’t know what to wear. You know, those days when you’re too lazy to think what items to mix and match. Before this happens, prepare a “no-brainer” outfit. You can wear leggings, crop top and a pair of slides. For a quick and easy outfit, you can opt to wear a jumpsuit or a dress. All of these are easy pieces which can be a great addition to your list of plus size fashion.Dressing To Impressing: Tips To Fashion When You're Plus-sized

  2. Don’t limit yourself to be inspired: There are many celebrities which you can follow on different social media platforms. Once you do, you’ll be able to see what they’re wearing during certain occasions. Use these pictures as your inspiration when thinking about your next outfit. If you see Rihanna rocking out a denim jacket while going out with friends, don’t be afraid to the same. If you see Ashley Graham wearing a leather skirt paired with a white shirt, go ahead and do the same. There are many celebrities which you can get inspiration for your outfit so make sure you do just that. Search for your favorite celebrity online, copy their look and don’t let other people tell you differently.

  3. Embrace your belly: When you ask people what would be their fashion advice for plus-sized individuals, they would highlight how the belly should be hidden. This is one part of the body which can accentuate the weight of a plus-sized person and therefore, should be hidden at all costs. And most of the time, shapewear doesn’t provide any help at all. So instead of following these pieces of advice and hiding your belly, look for outfits that will make you happy. If you’re happy wearing a bodycon dress or a mini skirt, do as you please. Your smile and the outfit you’ll be wearing will surely complement each other!

  4. Try on different sizes when you’re shopping: Sure, you might be plus-sized but these sizes are just a number; what your size will be to one brand might not be the same to others. This means that you might be 14 to this brand but can be a 12 to another. When shopping for clothes, take your time and try on different sizes. Don’t immediately pick a size 14 from a rack just because you usually wear that size. Try different sizes and determine what size you’ll look best in. You’ll never know that you’re actually a size smaller to another brand!

  5. Find clothes that flatter your shape: You might have a friend who’s also plus-sized but keep in mind that what will work for her, might not work for you. Plus-sized individuals also have different shapes so make sure you know what’s yours. You should know if you have a pear, triangle or an oval body shape body. Once you determine what your body shape is, it’ll be easier for you to choose styles which flatter your body type. You’ll also know which styles to avoid.Dressing To Impressing: Tips To Fashion When You're Plus-sized

  6. Don’t skimp on tailoring: One of the struggles many plus size individuals share is the scarcity of fashion choices for them. When you’re plus-sized, the clothes available to you are limited. Finding the right pair of jeans or shirt for your body might be tough. Instead of buying anything which doesn’t fit on you, consider having your own clothes tailored or doing it on your own. A large dress which looks sloppy on your body can be turned into a bodycon dress. You just have to be creative and idealistic on what you want to wear.

  7. Crop tops are your best friends: It’s common to see petite girls who are wearing crop tops, but there are only a very few plus-sized women who can dare to do the same. Some people will think that plus size individuals should hide their tummy. But in reality, crop tops will actually look great on plus-sized women. This fashion piece will highlight a woman’s curves, while being able to empower the wearer. With this in mind, start looking for outfit ideas which can be paired with a crop top!

Let Your Confidence Shine

Because of the influence of media, people would set their standards on what beauty and perfection should look like. And most of the time, being plus-sized doesn’t fall in any of these categories. Most businesses will always use skinny models to represent their brands. You can break from this stereotype and never compromise your definition of beauty and perfection. Even if you’re plus-sized, your body will always be beautiful. Let the society change what they think about your plus-sized body – and you can start by dressing suitable to your body type.


Dressing To Impressing: Tips To Fashion When You're Plus-sized

Andrea Waters

Andrea is an aspiring fashion designer who loves designing women’s fashion and wedding dresses. She loves reading fashion magazines and enjoys writing about her passion. She currently writes for ezibuy.com and one day hopes to have her own fashion line.


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