World Gambling Hotspots – Las Vegas vs. Macau

World Gambling Hotspots – Las Vegas vs. Macau

Throughout the world there are numerous hotspots known for gambling exploits. Besides the rampant development of online gambling websites, there are certain cities built up their entire economy around the gambling industry and operate as a haven for those who wish to splash their cash and try to win big!

Two of the most well known and prominent gambling hotspots in the world are Las Vegas and Macau. This article and infographic take a look at these two locations and compare what they have to offer for the gambling industry.

Las Vegas – Gambling Gem Of The United States

Las Vgas is often seen as the ultimate place to gamble in the world – everyone has heard of this brash and loud location in the middle of the Nevada desert. We all recognise the famous Las Vegas strip and iconic buildings such as the pyramid of the Luxor hotel, or the water fountains outside the Bellagio.

Las Vegas is a true playground and is an assault to the senses. As you walk through the streets you will be dazzled by the lights, the sounds, and of course the overwhelming number of casinos and gaming halls.

It was originally built around its casinos and was created as a haven for mobsters to splash cash and avoid taxation. In the main Vegas area you can find a whole host of casinos ranging from super structures such as the Venetian, to more traditional operations such as the legendary Golden Nugget. The following is some general information about gambling in Las Vegas:

– Las Vegas currently has over 104 licensed casinos

– 87% of Clark County revenue comes from gambling

– 57% of the state’s cash comes from Las Vegas

– 39 casinos are located on the Las Vegas strip

– Other casinos are located in the downtown Las Vegas area

– Minimum age to gamble in Las Vegas is 21

Macau – The Gambling Capital Of Asia

Macau has an equal reputation to that of Las Vegas, but it is considered more popular with the Asian population due to its location on the eastern coast of China. Gambling has actually been legal in Macau since the 1850’s and since then, it has been fondly known as the gambling capital of the world, or the Monte Carlo of the Orient.

Up until the 20th century, only traditional Chinese games such as fan-tan were played, but investment saw a huge number of westernized casinos flood the region. Macau now rivals Vegas and has a huge array of stunning casinos such as the Lisboa, Emperor Casino, and The Venetian. Below is some general information about gambling in Macau:

– Macau currently has 38 licensed casinos

– Most casinos are located on Taipa island or the Macau Peninsula

– Games include roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, sic bo, fan-tan and slot machines

– Notable casinos include Altira Macau, Casino Lisboa, and MGM Macau

– Gambling also happens at the Canidrome and Race Course (dog-racing and horses)

– Minimum age to gamble in Macau is 21

How Do The Two Compare?

It will surprise you to know that Macau actually outperforms Las Vegas in many categories. It has an annual revenue from gambling of over three times the amount of the iconic Vegas strip! Why is this so? People would automatically assume that Vegas is the top dog, but this is simply not the truth. The following are some of the main reasons as to why Macau is now considered the top dog of gambling:

– According to taxation laws in Macau, gambling winnings are not subjects to taxes

– Alcohol is prohibited in Macau, so gaming is more serious

– Tourists generally visit Macau to gamble, whereas Vegas tourists might don’t come just for gambling

– It is estimated that 74% of Macau visitors gamble, as opposed to 69% in Vegas

– Responsible gambling is promoted in Macau

– Macau has a much greater array of hotels and guest rooms

As you can see, when you actually delve deeper and look past the reputation of Vegas, it is clear that Macau is actually the much better equipped gambling destination. This region has a totally different approach to gambling and has built up an entire city to accommodate the high volume of Asian tourists who want to splash out.

The tax laws in Macau are favourable to both the customers and gambling companies, a lack of alcohol means that gamblers can effectively spend more, and the fact that Macau is primarily a gambling destination really helps.

When people visit Vegas, their main priority might be sightseeing. They might tour some of the themed hotels, walk on the strip, or visit the Grand Canyon, for example. On the other hand, people mostly visit Macau exclusively to gamble!

The infographic below provides a host of interesting facts and figures about these two iconic locations, and helps you understand more about how they compare and contrast:

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