Everything You Need To Know About Window Tinting – Including The Little No One Tells You

Everything You Need To Know About Window Tinting – Including The Little No One Tells You

If you are considering tinting the windows in your home, car or office, there are a number of vital details you need to understand. You ought to buy the right tinting film that will best suit your windows. In this article, we address the most important issues you need to consider in your quest to tint your windows.

  1. Windows last long; get a window film that lasts long too – The most crucial thing you need to understand is the difference between good and bad quality window film.  Depending on the environment, you will notice that most films last about 2-3 years; which means that every 2 or so years, you will have to invest in a new window film. To avoid such cases, you will need to get the best film in the market. You will know the best film by its price and its guarantee.  Be sure to ask how long the film lasts; if it’s not at least 12 years, do not buy it. Beware of unscrupulous dealers who offer a guarantee on cheap film, and hike the price to make it look like good quality. Know what companies are the best and look for the known brand names.
  2. What are your reasons for installing window tint? – There are many varied reasons as to why you may want to tint your windows. Be sure to identify the benefits of the film to help you identify your own reasons for wanting it. Be specific about your needs to ensure they are met and you are happy with the results.
  3. Understand the specific Issues Related to Cars and Vehicles – Before you invest heavily in the window tints of your choice, learn what the law says about tints in your country. For example:
  • Legal issues – In most states, the darkest legal tint permitted in a vehicle is one with VLT level of 3.5% on all vehicle windows. This excludes the front windscreen which cannot have window tint at all except the strip across the top.  This is because your car ought to be visible from the outside to identify the passengers in your car and tell if they are wearing their seatbelts. This is a regulation from the authorities in the police department for easy identification of criminals and lawbreakers.


Ensure that you select the best quality film and get a professional installer who is able to offer you quality service services. Look for good customer care services that will offer you answers to the questions that may emerge as you discuss. For a free window tinting quote click here and get to talk to professionals who understand your needs.

Be considerate about the price – the fact that you have to pay more for good quality does not mean you pay inconsiderable amounts of money. Be wise and shop around for both the best rates and the best quality.  With this vital information in mind, you can now go ahead and get the right film for your home, car or office.


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