5 ways that you can save money on your home painting project

5 ways that you can save money on your home painting project

If you are planning to renovate your house or are considering a major redecorating project, you will need to hire a professional painting company. You can easily do the painting on your own; but if you need the project done quickly and right the first time, nothing beats the quality paint job delivered by a seasoned painter. Here are ways that you can save money when working with a painting contractor.

Cleaning is important

You can save money on labor charges if you do a good job of cleaning up the area ahead of time. You should wash down the floors and walls, and any other surfaces that will require painting. You should also wipe down the trim and molding to avoid any dirt, debris, or ducts from affecting the taping. Make sure that you clear furniture and take down any shelving, pictures, and any other decorative items. This will ensure that your items are taken care of to avoid damage or breakage.

Pay for prep

The results of a painting job are usually determined by the amount of prep that is involved. You can inquire from the painting company whether there are any steps that you can assist with to ensure that all the important prep work is completed. If your contractor is paid per hour, you can save money by ensuring that light fixtures and outlet covers are removed in advance. Homeowners can cut down on costs by handling the simple prep work and leaving the complicated prep to experienced painters.

Purchase materials in bulk

One of the best ways of saving on your building painting prices is by buying the required materials in bulk. You will save a lot of money if you buy in bulk than if you make purchases in several installments. You need to look at the area that you want to paint and inquire from a professional about the amount of paint you will need.

Buy premium quality paints

It is advisable that you buy good quality paints. This is because they will cover the wall areas better than cheap paints. You will save on gallons of paint in the long run if you get quality paints. Even though quality paints may have a high up-front cost, they offer great value for money. You need paint that will last longer so that you do not have to spend money repainting now and then.

Avoid using too many colors

You can save a lot of money on your painting job if you keep the number of paint colors to a minimum. When you apply several colors in different shades, you will end up spending more money. Make sure you choose your colors wisely and get the shades and colors that complement each other. Using several shades of color will leave a big dent in your pockets.

If you plan on repainting the exterior and interior of your house, it is advisable to book a large project at the same time. Most painting companies will offer discounts on a large amount of work compared to just painting a single room. When you budget and plan accordingly, you can book the entire paint project once and have it done quickly, and at a lower cost. With the aforementioned tips, you can save money on your house painting project.


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