4 Wine Etiquette You Must Know for a Divine Experience

4 Wine Etiquette You Must Know for a Divine Experience

It is not just our hearts, where we can find wine conquering a special place. In fact, this modern delicacy has its roots embedded deep in culture and tradition. Therefore, whenever it comes to wine dining, there is always a certain level of formality involved. In the privacy of your home, you won’t be quite careful or “decent” around it, but when it comes to wine dining with other individuals, there is a proper way to go about it. In short, these etiquette make sure that everyone has a great time and of course, great wine. From pouring to gifting, here are some important practices that you need to be familiar with:

Proper Storage

Good wine takes time and lots of effort. Your last minute hassle won’t do you any good. Therefore, you must always be prepared beforehand, for unexpected guests and demands. To go about it, always keep a stock of different wines in your home. Be sure that this variety is chilled before serving, because there is nothing more unpleasant than warm wine. For proper temperature control, don’t rely only on your fridges. In fact, you can get specialized wine coolers for this purpose, like the one available on lemadeleine.com, so that you never run out of cold, chilled wine.

Decanting for the Absolute Aroma

The older the wine, the more treasured it is. But obviously, its not always possible to entertain your guests with the oldest one (unless you own an attic or vineyard). For the same aroma and maximum flavor, you can always decant your wine. Decanting introduces oxygen, which opens up its taste and flavors drastically. The whole process will take up to 2-3 hours and will last around 12-18 hours, which means by the end of your evening, you will still have some classy wine sitting at your table. Remember, great wine is always appreciated.

Pouring Wine

First thing’s first- Wine should be treated fairly and therefore you need to bring in the best wine glasses. Such a rich beverage should not be presented in your normal household glasses, especially on formal occasions. Now because wine has a quick life span, you need to let the wine breathe as you pour it. Therefore, fill almost half-third of your glass, swirl the wine and then sip it. A big part of enjoying wine involves playing around as it sits in your glass. Also, while you consume it, try to match it out to everyone’s quantity. You don’t want to be the one drinking all the wine and getting drunk.

Gifting the Perfect Wine

In case you are invited to a dinner party, and you think of gifting wine, then its important for you to follow the proper protocol. It doesn’t have to be an expensive bottle of wine nor does it have to be the cheap one straight from the Walmart aisle. A gift is a gift and therefore you need to give something that will satisfy your host and remind them of this lovely gesture. Try settling on an option that relates to you or them, for instance getting a bottle which you both have tried and loved before. Also, add in a little card for that little extra kind yet elegant gesture.

And last but not the least, don’t go overboard or over protective over your wine choice. In fact, have discussions and learn more about wine from your guests as you all sit down to devour this elegant tradition.


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