Keep The Underfoot Look Shiny With A Clean Hardwood Floors!

Keep The Underfoot Look Shiny With A Clean Hardwood Floors!

Floors bear a lot- from filthy steps to inevitable spills to mishaps. And, when it’s the expensive hardwood floors, the stains can take a toll!

So, what is the best way of keeping the hardwood beauty shiny and clean?

Install an exotic and costly floor? No!

It’s not the oak, maple, bamboo, wood or engineered hardwood that defines the floor cleaning. Instead, it’s the care that keeps the underfoot clean and glossy.

If you want to know how to keep the wooden floor long lasting, have a look at some of the tips to clean the surface:

Vacuum Once Or Twice:

When cleaning the hardwood floors, vacuuming is the one thing which is mostly overlooked. However, you should, weekly or biweekly, vacuum the hardwood floor.

A vacuum will suck all the dust and debris from the nooks and corner of the house making the neat and clean. Make sure that the suction clean settings of your equipment should meet the needs of the surface. Also, don’t use the one that has beater bar attachment as it can scratch the floor’s finish and can make it look awful.

If you are not a fan of vacuuming, want to lighten your load of cleaning or want to spend more time with the family, a robot can do the task for you. There are many best vacuum robots for carpet and hardwood floors available that you can buy with ease.

Keep The Underfoot Look Shiny With A Clean Hardwood Floors! roomba

Sweep Carefully:

If you want to do the chores on your own, get a broom first with the synthetic fiber ends to clean the surface.

Also, make sure that your broom is at a comfortable height, making it easy to mop the floor without bending. A sharp edge broom will be preferable to reach to the hidden corners of the room. When cleaning, do not take the dust of the one place to another; instead collect it in the trash pan.

Use Mopping:

You can damp mop your hardwood floor, but make sure to use simple solutions of mild soaps. You can pick dishwasher or can add a gentle cleanser in the bucket of water. Also, don’t use string moppers as it can damage the floor, instead look for the sponge one to have a bright finish.

Keep The Underfoot Look Shiny With A Clean Hardwood Floors! sneakers

Keep in mind that mopping is like scrubbing, so press the surface and move the mop in alternate directions. Just saturate the sponge in the water, wring it till it is slightly wet and mop the floor. Wipe the excess water immediately as it can damage the wood.

Prevent Floors From Hairspray Or Furnishing Polish:

Hairsprays or floor polishes can damage the floor, so clean them immediately. Use a damp microfiber cloth or spray some ammonia window cleaner to wipe the coat.

Safeguard From liquids:

Still water can damage the hardwood floor, so make sure there’s nothing like that in your house. If liquid gets spilt on the floor, wipe it away and dry the floor immediately.

Liquid not only damages the finish and the color of the wood, but also get penetrated into the wood. Prevent floors from rain and put trays under the plants.

Use Long Doormats:

Ideally, removing shoes out of the room is one of the best methods to safeguard the floor from debris. This will also prevent dirt, water, salt and other things from getting trekked into the wood. However, it is not feasible to remove shoes every time; a doormat can safeguard the floor. You can vacuum the floor later to clean the doormat. Get a walk-off mat of good foot length and place it on the front door. Longer the carpet will be, cleaner the floor will be.

Use Rugs In High-Traffic Rooms:

Walking through the same area often in a day can ruin the wood floor’s finish. So, incorporate a beautiful looking carpet and reduce the wear. Also, check that your selected rug should not have rubber or vinyl backing. The backing can traps humidity and can also ruin the wood’s finish.

While the methods mentioned above are perfect for cleaning the floor, if there are still some stains on the surface, the following remedies can help:

  • For dark sports or pet stains: Use floor wax or vinegar on the wood and let it dry, once done rise the area with the damp cloth.
  • Oil-based stains: Clean the area with a soft cloth and mild soap.

Hardwood floors bring earthy warmth and beauty to the home, so keep them clean!


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