10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Market Their Products and Services Using Instagram

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Market Their Products and Services Using Instagram

With the increasing popularity of visual content on social media, more businesses are using these platforms to market their products and services. This is because they are able to reach a large customer base without having to pay lots of advertising money. With the shift to visual social media, the use of instagram for both small and big businesses has increased over the years. This is because this social media platform has over 200 million active users. Here are reasons why you should use this platform to advertise your business.

Business and personal profiles are different

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram differentiates between business and personal accounts. Therefore, by turning your account into a business or company account, you will have several features that you can use to promote your products and services. For example, you will have a call to action button that your page users can use, access to account insights, and you will be able to promote posts with ad dollars. In addition, Instagram will alert users that the account you are using is owned by a business and not an individual.

Connect with your customers

Most businesses believe that sites such as Twitter and Facebook are the best when connecting and engaging with clients online. However, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that has the most engaged and active user base. Instagram has a high engagement and you can easily connect with clients, build relationships, and check out client feedback through the conversations that you spark. You can share new products or projects and get information about what people say about it before you launch it.

Tap into an unreached customer base

Instagram has millions of users who are active every day. This means that if your business is not on this platform, then you are missing out on potential customers. Instagram can be an extension of your company that can help you reach out to the unreached customers. You will have an opportunity to market your products, services, and brand to millions of users who do not know about your business and grow your customer base.

Know what people like

Instagram is important for your business because it helps you to know what your followers are saying about your products or services. You may not even know that people are already sharing pictures of your products and talking about your business. People love sharing images of items that they may consider in the near future or those that grab their attention. This gives your customers a chance to help market your business to their friends and family and this will help you know what people like or hate about your products or services.

Build a loyal audience

One of the benefits of Instagram is that it has paid advertising abilities and also allows you to organically build your followers. This means that you can achieve results or perform successful actions without having to pay advertising dollars. By allowing you to organically build your followers, Instagram gives you an opportunity to have a natural and loyal relationship with your followers. Your followers will slowly grow with your brand and you will end up having a massive following of loyal customers. Growr can help you increase your organic Instagram followers or simply purchase followers.

Reach new target audiences

Instagram is an easy platform that can help you to discover new businesses, people, and photos. People can discover new Instagram content through different hastags. In addition, including hashtags on your posts creates a link that one can use to view all the pictures or videos that have been shared using the same hashtag. This will enable you to find your target audience and give you an opportunity to market your brand and business.

Generate sales

Instagram is a great platform where you can create professional images for highlighting and promoting your products and services in an easy and affordable manner. Apart from generating engagement, this platform can help you drive sales. However, you should look for more creative ways of displaying your services or products and allowing your images to perfectly represent your brand. The more followers you get, the easier it will be for you to get clients who would be interested in whatever you are selling.

Connect across different channels

Using Instagram on your website allows you to successfully connect with clients across different channels and boost your cross-channel engagement. When you display your Instagram photos on your business website, clients browsing your site may end up following you on Instagram also. You may end up getting several clients from other social media platforms that you have accounts with following your Instagram profile.

Avoid blind marketing

No business wants to invest their marketing resources in content that will not give results or perform well. Instagram allows you to get feedback from your clients and this will help you know the content that they like and what they do not like. Before posting pictures or videos for your Instagram campaigns, you need to get feedback on how your previous campaigns were received. This will enable you to filter and only use content that generates more positive results and user engagement. This way, you can avoid guesswork that would cost you money for nothing.

Grow other marketing channels

The best thing about the content you post on Instagram is that it can easily be shared on different marketing channels. Instagram has settings that enable social media sharing to Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms. This means that whatever you post will be automatically shared to these other platforms. You can also use your Instagram pictures for your email marketing campaigns. This gives you an opportunity to use the same pictures or videos as marketing tools on other platforms.

Instagram is a great platform that can help you build your brand and get loyal customers over time. Unlike most social media platforms, you cannot drive traffic to your website with every post that you have. This is because links are only included in your Instagram Bio. However, Instagram allows you to connect with your follows and organically build trust and a lasting relationship that will be beneficial to your business.


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