8 Best Places to Ride Bikes on the Beach in Florida

8 Best Places to Ride Bikes on the Beach in Florida

Cycling in sunny Florida is an unforgettable experience, one that will enable you to see the best that this state has to offer. To encourage people to cycle along the beach, many features are cyclist-friendly. One of them is the slow speed limits, dedicated bike lanes, crosswalks and many others. All these are designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to cycle along the beach.

To get you started, here are a few of the best places where you can ride your bike:

Key West

Being a breathtaking four square miles, there are no better means to get around this place because cycling is the only means to get around. You will find all types of bikes at the bike rentals including small ones for children as well as bike seats for toddlers. You ought to try the Smathers Beach and the Overseas Heritage Trail so that you get off the main road.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is quite a cycling destination because you get the opportunity to ride your bicycle right there on the beach. The sand is firm enough to ride on comfortably. With all of 20 miles of beach cycling to do, you should have fun on the beach. You will get your bicycle from Michael Sinniger including wide tire cruisers that are perfect for beach cycling. You are advised to ride near the shoreline in low tide so that you can enjoy the best, firm sand.

Jacksonville Beach

You can pick a bike from any of the shops and restaurants in Jacksonville Beach from one of the two companies namely Rent Beach Stuff and Champion Cycling, but there are many other outlets. You will also enjoy the firm sands on the beach as well as the exclusive places dedicated to bike riding. You can also call some of the bike companies to see whether they will deliver the bicycle of your choice right at the hotel where you are staying. This will be a scenic ride filled with lots to do and explore if you are moving in Jacksonville.

Anna Maria Island

The beach life here is a bit slow, the cottages lining the streets are indeed picturesque, like something you would get on a postcard. To see the best of this island, it is much better for you to cycle around as the fresh air ruffles your hair. You will be happy to know that there are bicycle stands outside most plazas and that many of these come with shopping baskets so that you can buy stuff as you cycle along. Along the main street in Anna Maria Island, there is a full lane dedicated to bicycles because cycling is not allowed on the beach, as there are nesting turtles, which are protected.

Sanibel Island

On top of two wheels is one of the best ways for you to catch the best sights around Sanibel Island. One of the places where you must ride is in the J.R “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. This is established on protected land and it has a total of 6400 acres, mangrove forests that are home to more than 220 bird species. To ride in the establishment, there are two loops, one is 8 miles and the other one 4 miles and cyclists as well as motorists can use both of them. If you would like to catch the birds and other wildlife, try visiting in the morning during low tide. To rent a bike, go to the Tarpon Bay Explorers located a couple of miles down the road. They offer full day as well as half-day bicycle rentals.

St. Joseph’s Peninsula

You will most likely be cycling on the beach during low tide when you can access the firmer sand closer to the waterline. You are welcome to cycle through St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park where you will enjoy one of the most treasured beaches in Florida with high dunes of white sands. You are advised to cycle on the paved road of four miles that is inside the park.

South Beach Miami

The place to ride in South Beach is the Lummus Park where you will catch some of the best views of the architecture as well as the beach, as you pedal along Ocean Drive. Mostly, what you will be looking for is an art deco bicycle tour, which is going to expose you to the best places on this beach. You can rent your bike from the most popular rental on the beach called Bike and Roll. The art and deco tour is going to give you the most thrilling ride for about 3 hours.

Cedar Kay

The town of Cedar Kay is a small cycling destination. Bikes offer the best means to get from one place to another in this town. This is a small island, which is roughly 2 square miles around and it has been listed on the National Historic Site Register. This town has many old buildings, including Island Hotel & Restaurant. Just ride through and see the old architecture.


If you are from Florida or planning your next vacation in Florida, biking on the above mentioned beaches should be on your list of things to do. If you are a woman, choose from this amazing list of women’s bikes for sale to enjoy the fullest of these beaches. If you are a man or looking for a bike for your male counterpart, you might want to have a look at these cool men’s bikes for sale. At the end of the day, the comfort you get from your bicycle while riding makes a big difference.


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