5 Things to Do When You Move to a New Home

5 Things to Do When You Move to a New Home

  1. Clean up the house

The first thing to do before moving into a new house is to ensure that it is clean for when you and your family move in. Even if the previous occupants of the house did some cleaning before they left, you can decide to clean it again for your own satisfaction and to kill excess germs that were left behind. For this, you can hire a cleaning service from the area where you have moved to or do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself ensure that you have all the necessary equipment to clean every nook and cranny of the house.

  1. Fix and replace electric and mechanical equipment

Any house that may have had a number of previous occupants and is old and has undergone many renovations may have broken and worn out mechanical and electrical parts. Have a technician do a full checkup of the house, checking the wiring and the moving parts like hinges and automatic curtain rails. Have the heating and cooling systems checked and cleaned out or even replaced if there is a need. Have the vents cleared and the fire suppression systems checked to see whether they are optimum in case of emergencies.

  1. Change of address

A very important thing to do before moving in into a new home is to change your address with the postal office. This will enable you to receive your mail in your new location. Also important is to register your new location with the DMV so that your driving license can be updated to your new location. Additionally, your vehicles plates should reflect your new location. A number of federal and state agencies should also be informed of your move to smoothen any services that they would offer you. If you move to Texas and you want to change your address, you can do so online on change address texas where you will get the instructions on what to do.

  1. Change your locks on the doors

When you have finally finalized with the purchase of your new home, it is paramount that you change the locks on your house with immediate effect. This is because the previous owners, any real estate agents involved and even a maintenance crew may all have the keys to your house. For safety purposes, change the locks immediately, especially for the exterior doors and the garage. If the garage is automated, change the code before you move in.

  1. Paint the house

To give your house a new look, make sure to repaint it, all the walls and ceilings in every room, in the colours that please your heart. This is because the previous paint may be peeling off or dirty from people touching the walls, or children scribbling on them. You can paint your house yourself if you have time and you have plenty of help, but to be safe it is better to hire professional help who will do the work fast enough and who will paint professionally. If you need to do additions you can do it yourself after the base paint has been added.


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