5 Benefits to having an emotional support animal

5 Benefits to having an emotional support animal

Today, with how stressful and difficult life has become, a lot of people unknowingly suffer from mental and emotional disorders due to the hardships and challenges that the world throws at them. Every person is struggling with their own battles and one can often find him or herself alone in a corner wondering on how they will be able to survive or move forward with their lives. With more stress and depression building up, more and more people succumb to these negative feelings and eventually fall into a mental or emotional depression.

Mental or emotional depression is not a simple illness. It is a serious disorder that needs immediate attention lest the patient succumbs to more despair and eventually lose the motivation to move forward with their lives which is similar to being a “living dead”. A lot of medical and psychological experts have formulated different approaches both medically and psychologically in order to cure these disorders. While most of them do work, there are also those simple things that you can do yet equally effective with these medical methods. And one of these methods is by having an emotional support dog. As dogs play a crucial role in the overall well-being of people’s mental health, often psychologists prescribe them as emotional support animals (ESA) to their patients. In order to qualify for having an ESA, a person with mental health issues should receive a letter from a licensed service provider. Presently, you can easily find an Emotional Support Animal letter that can help you to have a therapy dog as well as convenient for you online or in-person. To further elaborate on this, below are 5 benefits to having an emotional support animal.

  1. Companion

First of all, “No man is an island”. Every person, even the most brilliant and dazzling individual will need to have that someone to be their companion in their journeys. And in today’s time, that companion can be in a form of an emotional support animal. You see, animals also have the capability to think, albeit less complex compared to us humans. However, their simplicity can sometimes be that one thing to bring back our motivations and drive.

  1. Stress relievers

Emotional support animals have feelings. And most of the time, their feelings can channel towards us and infect us with their positive vibes. There have been a lot of studies and experiments conducted in order to explain this phenomenon. And all of them pointed to one conclusion – emotional support animals have pheromones that relieve our stresses and free us from our worries.

  1. Exercise

We all have seen people jogging with their pets, most especially with their dogs. And if you ask each one of them, they would all agree that their dogs are one of the major reasons on why they are jogging. Others also find it more fun to compete, play with and train their dogs, thus giving their bodies the necessary stretching and exercise it needs.

  1. Calms the mind

There are those people that rely on their emotional support animals in order to fight their inner demons such as general anxiety and certain phobias. By having their emotional support animals with them, they will feel more comfortable and relax. Their pets give them the necessary assurance and security that they will not be alone in facing the challenges ahead.

  1. Housing and Airline privileges

By registering your dog as an emotional support animal via an emotional support dog letter you will be able to enjoy housing and airline privileges. Landlords won’t be able to force you to give up on your pet and instead must make an exception as required by the law. Airlines will also need to provide certain conditions such as an option to pay for the seat of your emotional support animal and other similar privileges for you and your pet.


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