How to keep your wooden floor shining always

How to keep your wooden floor shining always

The flooring in the house tells a lot about the house and the people. It adds a lot to the class and style of the house or the office, or whichever place you can think of. Be it the conventional flooring of tiles and stones and marbles or the modern, chic style of wooden flooring, it defines your the taste and preferences in style! You can agree on the part that wooden flooring is the modern way of interior decor and brings in the elegance and urban fashion in your homes. If you choose to be modern and have a home that defines this taste of yours, then wooden flooring must be choice!

Wooden flooring is not just beautiful and elegant, but it is also quiet durable. They also add a lot of value  to the house and make it look rich and vibrant. But most of us believe the fact that these floors are difficult to manage and are high maintenance! And this, my friend is not completely true. Yes, you have to be a bit more careful about this flooring as it may develop flaws but that does not mean you have to be scared about its maintenance. Well, everything beautiful has to be cherished and taken care of, isn’t it?

Let us see a few ways by which you can keep your wooden floor shining like it was new.

Simple preventive measures– when it comes to cleaning the floor or keeping the house clean in general, the first and foremost thing that you must do is to take the preventive measures to keep it clean. Make sure you make the arrangements to protect the floor from dust and stains as much as possible. Use rugs, mattresses and doormats so that they can keep off the extra dust. Placing rugs or mats outside and inside the doorways, ahead of the doors is a good way to keep off the extra dust and dirt. When you enter the house, you must clean the shoes on the rugs so as to keep the dirt away from the floor. It would be better that you take off your clothes all together before you step on the floor and ask other family members to do the same. You must always make sure that you keep the floor safe from scratches as well.

Mopping and cleaning- this is also important along with taking the preventive measures to keep the wooden floor clean. It is mandatory that you clean your floor daily to keep it away from dust and dirt regularly. One of the best investments that you can make for your wooden floor is buying a good vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner will take away all the loose dust particles from the floor before you begin with the mopping. Mopping a dirty floor will affect the shine of the floor in the long run which is not your intention at all. If you are too lazy to drag the vacuum cleaner from one room to another, then a mop every other day will suffice the purpose but that does not mean you can get away with the complete vacuum schedule each week!

Using the correct products- with time, the floor tends to lose its shine because of our negligence in most cases. But that can be prevented or delayed for a long time if you begin to choose the right kind of cleaners that will retain the floor’s shine. If you are looking for a good product for your floor you may check The Wooden Floor Specialist Ltd and check out the variety of cleaners and polishes they provide to keep the floors intact.

Deep cleaning- every once in a while, you must get your house and the floor deep cleaned. This can be done with the help of professional cleaners who will have all the right kind of equipments and products that must be used to give you a shining, healthy house and a gleaming floor.


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