5 Lingerie Shopping Tips for Curvy Women

5 Lingerie Shopping Tips for Curvy Women

While most fashion magazines like to push the idea that thin is the norm, the truth is that very few people are a size 0. Curves have never been hotter than now, and there has never been as many lingerie options for curvy women then there are today. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect lingerie for your body type.

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Choose the Right Size

Be realistic and don’t worry about not being able to fit into regular sizes. At the end of the day, picking lingerie that is too small will make you uncomfortable and won’t flatter you. Properly fitting lingerie will showcase your best attributes and soften your flaws. So, make sure that you know what your real size is and stick to it.

Also, if you’re getting measured, don’t try to draw your breath or tuck your tummy in fear of embarrassment. Learn to embrace your body and be as relaxed as possible so you can get the right measurements.

Look for Lingerie that Compliments you

When picking sexy lingerie for curvy women, the goal is to pick something that will compliment your body and make you look better. Depending on the body type, some women will prefer to hide some parts they feel are less flattering. For instance, women who want to get a slimmer midsection will often go for a corset style to make their waist look slimmer. Others will look for minimizing bras to make their breast look a little less bulky.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is also essential when picking lingerie. Today, you can find lingerie in every fabric imaginable, whether it’s cotton, satin, velvet, silk, you name it. All have their advantages, and some will look better for your body type than others. Comfort is also a major factor. You should opt for a combination of comfy and comfortable cotton lingerie for your everyday needs, and a few sultry satin or silk pieces for those special occasions.

Color is Important too

Color is also very important when picking lingerie of any size. What many try to achieve with the style of the lingerie actually has more to do with the color. Color will ultimately decide the mood you want to set.

Vibrant colors can work wonders if you’re trying to look sexy, but if it’s for functionality or a special event, try to go for whites and pastels. You should also make sure that the color your pick compliments your complexion.

Tighter is not always better

Many women will have the tendency of picking a bra that is too tight because they think that it will complement their breasts. But if you’re plus size, this isn’t a good idea. Choosing a bra that is too clingy could lead to back issues and discomfort. It’s better to go for a bra that offers optimal support and will leave you feeling comfortable.


If you follow this advice, you should be able to find great lingerie for your body type in no time. Don’t be afraid to look around and go for comfort first and foremost, so you can feel good inside and out.


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