How to Style your Living Room

How to Style your Living Room

Your living room, or lounge, is a place where you relax after a busy day and spend time with your family, yet it is also a place where you might sometimes entertain guests. Its style and design should be done is such a way to enhance those times, yet so many of us put up with rooms that just don’t work. It could be that the furniture is not sociably arranged, or the décor is tired and needs a revamp. If you want to update the style of your living room, this handy guide shows you some simple ways to start.


If you are stuck for inspiration, an internet search about living room style will give you some ideas. You could also look in home magazines, or take photos of living room items you like the look of while you’re out and about. Collect all these ideas in one place where you can look through them. This could be a physical place, such as a mood board or folder, or a virtual space such as Pinterest. It might also be worth looking at style mistakes, so you know what to avoid when designing your living room.

Maximize Light

One of the most overlooked style aspects that makes a difference to a living room is how it is lit. The right lighting creates a bright place during the day and a cozy space during the evening. Look at different lights and lamps to make the most of how to use light in your room, and maximize natural light by having light window dressings such as curtains and blinds. If you have lots of furniture, consider moving larger pieces away from windows where it could be blocking natural light. Furniture made from dark wood may also benefit from a light coat of paint, helping bounce light around the room.

Stylish Features

Having a few stylish elements is key to a living room design that works well and is personal to you. A feature fireplace is one way to create a focal point for a room, or you could add luxury details with a different style of radiator, such as from Warmrooms. For stylish flooring, choose a rug that ties in with your color scheme, or makes a bold statement.


Your living room will not be a relaxing space if you can see too many objects or clutter filling the shelves. Be ruthless and throw away unwanted items, find storage solutions for your paperwork and children’s toys. A clean, uncluttered space helps you feel at ease and improves mood, allowing you to meet the demands of life from an organized, confident place.

Your living room is somewhere where you spend a good proportion of your daily life, so it makes sense to have a pleasant place where you can de-stress and enjoy spending time. Even if you don’t have a budget to spend on redecorating, just a few simple tips will help you make the most of your space.


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