How to organize your office desk for maximum productivity

How to organize your office desk for maximum productivity

For everyone, good productivity is essential. If you cannot work efficiently, it will be impossible for you to compete and to earn enough money. How well organized your workspace is plays an enormous role in how productive you are. Having everything you need easily to hand will make a huge difference to the pace at which you can work.

There are all kinds of workspaces out there, but, today we are going to look specifically at how to organize your office desk.

Get comfortable

To work well you need to be comfortable. If you are not you will only fidget a lot and be tempted to get up from your desk and walk around the office.

Buy a proper office chair

So, invest in a good quality chair and set it at the right height. Make sure your screen and keyboard are set up so you do not create neck strain while looking at your screen or typing.

Maintain the right temperature around your desk

Being able to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature is also important. If you need to, invest in a small desk fan for warmer days.

In the winter, a foot space heater is ideal for keeping the area around your desk warm enough. Keeping a lightweight cardigan to hand is also a good idea.

Control the lighting

Being able to control the lighting around your workspace is also important. In the winter, when the skies are darker, being able to turn on a desk light when you need one is essential.

For the summer months, being able to draw the blinds to stop the sun from bouncing off your screen is essential. Fitting your screen with an anti-glare panel can also help.

Keep a drink close at hand

Part of staying comfortable is being properly hydrated. Popping a bottle of water in your drawer is a good way to make sure that you can do this without having to constantly get up to get a drink.

A place for everything

You need to know where everything is. So, get organized. Set aside storage space for all of the items you use in a typical week. Make sure that the things you use the most are the ones that are closest at hand.

A proper filing system

Even in a so-called paperless office, some bits of paper will still land on your desk. When they do, you need to deal with them efficiently. Having a simple in and out tray system set up on the corner of your desk is a good way to do this.

Somewhere for your stationery

Being able to put your hands on your hole punch or paperclips when you need them will help to keep you organized. Instead of letting paperwork build up, you will be far more likely to file it away into folders if you can clip it together properly.

A summary of what you should be doing to keep your desk organized

1. Have a storage system for paperwork
2. Set aside customized storage space for small items like paper-clips
3. Set your computer screen and keyboard up properly
4. Invest in a comfortable chair
5. Control the temperature around your desk
6. Make sure that you can control the lighting
7. Put away any distractions

Where to find more office furniture related tips

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