What a Good Wedding Draping Course Can Teach You

What a Good Wedding Draping Course Can Teach You

The wedding industry has been booming these days more than ever. If you’ll take a look at the recent trends—pre-wedding shoots, weddings-with-a-theme, wedding planners, destination weddings, and everything related to weddings that’s Instagram-worthy are on the rise. You know what it means for your events business? That would translate to booking more clients, if and only you know how to consistently do a superb job, yet, at a reasonable price.

At a reasonable price? But you know for sure that everything fantastic comes with that eye-widening, jaw-dropping price tag. I know. I know. But NOT always. How? With creativity, not everything dazzling comes with a hefty price.

The question is, how? How in the world are you going to do that? Basic methods and techniques, especially in decorating, are still required, because no matter how creative you are, if these things are missing, creativity is almost useless. In short, you must have a combination of knowledge and creativity. Speaking of creativity, you’ll surely love the wedding reception ideas in this site.

It’s funny how expert draping can easily transform something plain into a sophisticated banquet area, yet, it’s tough to figure out how the process goes if you have few or zero knowledge about it. If you’re running an events management business, or you’re planning to venture this career path soon, a wedding and events draping course is something you should take now.

Everything You Need to Know About Draping

Events people need to be super versatile and flexible when it comes to decorating different interiors and outdoor event areas according to a certain theme and color palette. In a good draping course, you’ll get to know more about the different kinds of fabric and how to use them in decorating a stage, arch, marquee, gazebo, pole, tables, chairs, ceilings, walls, door, and windows.

Works much like fashion, you need an eye for mixing and matching fabrics, colors, and other décor details. Though this job is highly creative, there are still non-negotiable decorating rules that we need to abide by. These rules, methods, and techniques are exactly what you’re going to learn in a draping course. How will you give that ceiling an elegant touch? How are you going to deal with those fairy lights because your client told you to come up with a whimsical, sentimental vibe? The mentors at saschoolofweddings.co.za/event-wedding-draping discuss all of these things in detail.

Perhaps, you’ve also come across that ever-demanding client. She’s so meticulous even with the littlest details. Everything unsightly isn’t allowed. In short, she wants it perfect. The problem is, you’ve got limited budget. Therefore, you need to know where the good suppliers are. Those who offer lovely-looking yet cheap fabrics and décor pieces. When you take a wedding draping course, you’ll get to know how to find these suppliers. Most probably, a good school could’ve established a number of connections already! Finally, you don’t have to do the tedious searching task.

The Ins and Outs of the Business

Here’s the thing: No matter how skillful you are, if you don’t know how to manage your business and market your services, there will be a decreased chance of working with the best clients. Also, if you’re new in the business you might commit the usual mistakes such as pricing your work too low, or not knowing how to set a reasonable price according to the event area’s measurement and your client’s requirements.

To avoid such, a wedding draping course aims to teach students how to measure an event area, how to set their pricing, how to create their portfolio, how to meet clients and discuss event details with them, how to make the most of social media to advertise their services, and how to do other marketing strategies for the business.

Doesn’t that sound so practical? Indeed! A wedding draping course is the best way of getting to know more about the principles of decorating a function using different kinds of fabric. It’s one of the best ways to learn more about how you can manage your events business effectively, specifically in terms of design and styling. Plus, it will surely kindle more creativity in you!


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