Exercises You Should Do During Your First Trimester

Exercises You Should Do During Your First Trimester

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences for any woman. She does everything in her power to make sure that her baby is growing healthily inside her. But what she often ends up compromising on is her own body shape. Many pregnant women, excited to embrace motherhood, are worried about weight gain during pregnancy. Some of it is natural as the body goes through various hormonal changes.

One can explore perfectly safe and healthy exercises to stop piling on the unnecessary weight and make pregnancy a more comfortable experience. It’s best to find out about your pregnancy early so that you can maintain a healthy routine. There are digital pregnancy tests in the market which even tell you how many weeks pregnant you are. If you are looking for pregnancy tests like that, check out this post.

How Early Can One Start to Exercise?

This is one of the most popular questions and, well, the answer is simple- the first trimester! Yes, one can easily start exercising during this time to keep their weight in check.

Pregnancy is not the most comfortable time for a woman as her body undergoes several modifications to make a better environment for the developing child. Exercising in the first trimester can help ease a lot of discomforts as given below:

  • Helps in improving sleep
  • Reduces body swelling, especially feet
  • Prevents or reduces a backache
  • Prepares your body for a natural birth
  • Makes the labor process more easy
  • Helps release happy hormones endorphins
  • Makes you more energetic
  • Helps in faster weight reduction after birth

When I am talking about exercising, I am not recommending a marathon, heavy weight lifting or wild cardio exercises. It is but natural to experience lesser flexibility from the early months to the last, given the increased size of your belly and the pressure it may put on your entire physicality. Here are some perfectly safe and easy-to-do exercises during your first trimester:

  1. Walking

If you’re searching for a completely safe exercise to start off with, walking should be your ideal pick. It is one of most natural body movements one learns and practices during their life. As an exercise, it may just get more time-or speed oriented. Let me tell you, that if you keep walking daily during your pregnancy, it will keep away a lot of complications.

If you are really considering this exercise, all you have to do is regularly walk for about 20-30 minutes a day. This will not only help you in the entire labor process including a vaginal delivery.

Just put on some nice and comfortable walking shoes and walk over many of your pregnancy troubles. Always carry water with you to stay hydrated. If it’s too hot outside on a day or two, you can avoid walking out in the sun. To not break the routine, you can just walk about in your home.

  1. Swimming:

One of the best cardiovascular exercises, swimming will help you to expand or stretch your muscles. Swimming is an enjoyable physical activity that also helps you to work out the balancing problems you may experience as the baby keeps growing and your belly protrudes. Moreover, in swimming, you also have resistance from the water. As and when you move your arms or legs and stretch inside the water, it can cure any joint strain and give you more motility. Keep your swimming schedule for about 20 minutes, thrice a week.

  1. Pilates:

One of the most popular first trimester exercises among women, Pilates is an extremely safe exercise that can easily be performed under the guidance of a certified Pilates instructor. What Pilates does is it enhances your core strength. It helps correct your body posture and reduce back pain during pregnancy when it’s your tendency to slouch. It also makes your pelvic muscles stronger, aiding you in the labor process. If you’re worried about weight gain, Pilates will help you lose it really fast.

Remember, a smart Pilates instructor will train you to perform exercises right for your body shape and specific needs. So, don’t hesitate to request more information from them on the same.

  1. Stretching:

If you’re looking for a more quiet and relaxing experience, go for stretching right from your first trimester of pregnancy. These exercises can be repeated multiple times a day and help reduce several medical problems. Many women, like to pair it up with other forms of exercise to achieve the best results. Delivering a child can loosen the vagina and these exercise can improve the  
elasticity: https://www.howdoimakemyvaginatighter.com/4-exercises-to-tighten-your-vaginal-muscles/

These were some of the tried and tested exercises during pregnancy that not only help control weight gain but also help in making the whole experience of becoming a mother easier. In case, you’re still wondering if it’s safe, you can always consult your obstetrician and proceed there onwards.


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