3 Home Design Trends to Watch This Year

3 Home Design Trends to Watch This Year

Whether we regularly think about it or not, we all enjoy being creative. There is something about the creative process that speaks to us on an innate level. But despite this, many people don’t realise just how much of what they do is rooted in creative processes. Home design is a perfect example of a creative pursuit that we all undertake, even if we never really think about it in those terms.

Like all creative fields, the field of home design constantly changes and evolves in response to the tastes and trends that develop in a variety of fields. Home design involves bringing together a number of different fields and products. For example, furniture is obviously an important consideration for anyone who is decorating their home. But other things, such as curtains, wallpaper, and other accessories, are also important factors.

The best home design is holistic in its approach. This means that every aspect of it is approached with consideration for how each individual piece contributes to the whole. Of course, you will want the design of your home to be relatively unique and individual, but it is also worth being aware of what the most prevalent and popular trends currently are. These can help to guide your own design choices by giving you a reliable starting point.

We are now approaching the second half of 2018. Making now the perfect time to take a closer look at where the home design world is. The trends that were beginning to emerge at the beginning of the year have now had time to settle. Those that didn’t set the market alight have now withered and fallen away, while the strongest contenders are more prominent than before.

The following are the key trends to keep an eye on during the second half of this year, and possibly well into 2019 as well.

Use of Geometry

Geometric patterns are one of the oldest design features in all of human history. There is a reason that geometry plays such a significant role in design. We are able to appreciate such designs in an intuitive way and they are, therefore, one of the simplest ways of dramatically altering the aesthetic properties of a pattern.

We are surrounded by the use of geometry every day, often in unexpected places. The architecture that we pass every day is rooted in geometric design. Even the furniture in our homes is now increasingly being designed with geometry in mind. This means that you can expect to see a lot of modern pieces that eschew the usual curves which define the formless approach of the last few years. These are being replaced with pieces that instead emphasise harder edges and more clearly defined shapes.

Mixed-Use Space

The trend towards blending the lines between different spaces has been building in the home design world for some time. Over the last few years, we have seen a growing preference for design choices that favour a more open plan environment that allows for the same space to be used for different purposes.

Perhaps the clearest indication of how far this trend has come can be seen in the blurring of our dining spaces with our kitchens. Older home designs often made a clear separation between the areas where food was stored, prepared, and consumed. However, in part as a reflection of how our diets and the nature of our relationship with food has changed, current trends favour combining these areas, so they are combined into a single room.

This is obviously beneficial to homeowners, as it opens up additional space. But if you really want to create an open feeling, you can’t beat the outdoors. The more outdoor elements you can incorporate into the design of a room, the more open and natural it will feel.

Outdoor elements include plants (obviously), but other considerations, such as the material you use underfoot, the wallpaper you hang, and the amount of light you let into the room, will all play a part in how open it feels. The curtains you choose will play a big part in all of these and you can find the perfect curtains for your home here.


In design, there is beauty in simplicity. When a design is overly complicated, it often detracts from the overall look. It is just as important to be able to show restraint as it is to put a distinctive flair on a piece. When a design is overly complicated, it is a poor reflection on the designer. You should be looking to streamline your designs. Keep things simple, and don’t add more than you need. When your design consists of fewer features, they naturally stand out more. This makes it possible to do more with less.

These are just some of the most prominent home design trends that have emerged this year. These are the trends that are going to be important over the next several months, and probably well into next year.


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