Getting Those Pesky Little Critters out of Your Living Space

Getting Those Pesky Little Critters out of Your Living Space

Almost everyone you know loves to watch animals, especially wildlife. This is the reason why people frequent zoos and make trips to exotic places like Africa to see the Big Five and other animals in their natural environment. These are not the kind of animals that you will find rummaging through your shed at home though… never mind Jumanji.

Finding a humongous African lion, male, with a fully grown glorious mane will not bring fond memories of Mufasa. It will most likely send you into a swoon or full Bolt mode. The animals that are likely to cause you problems at home are the smaller offenders like:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Rodents

While they are not likely to make you sprint out of your house screeching at full lung capacity, they can be quite a nuisance. Aside from filling your house with bad odors and leaving a mess in their wake, they can set you back quite a few bucks with the damage they can cause to your house. Think duct work, insulation, and wiring, which can be quite dangerous as it can be a fire hazard.

Enter Animal Removal

Any animal removal specialist you approach for advice, for instance will give you the following tips:

  • Check your home for any openings that can admit the unwanted guests.
  • Repair all rotten wood or lose shingles.
  • Seal all gaps; even the smallest ones.
  • With regard to roof and siding, ensure there are no loose vent screens, holes or warped siding.
  • Cap your chimney and fit it with a screen. Bats simply love chimneys.
  • Always leave your flue closed.
  • Make sure there are no entries in the attic.
  • Trim trees and branches. Squirrels and raccoons could leap straight into the house via these if they are too close to windows and other openings.
  • Inasmuch as you want your pets to come in and go as they please, the pet flap door might be an entry to animals you have no interest in petting.
  • Raccoons are fond of rummaging in garbage cans. Put your garbage out for collection in the morning instead of the night before. Also, ensure the cans are tightly covered.


It is not easy to get animals out of your home. It is a long process and trapping them in the house can create even bigger issues. It is best to engage the services of professional wildlife control services.

However, you can use a few tricks to try and lure them out. This involves leaving food items that the little rascals find appealing, or housing structures. For instance: sunflower seeds for squirrels and raccoons; a bat house for bats which should be placed near the opening; and a bright light for the birds placed near an exit. Once you are sure the pesky critters are out, seal the entry point.

Remember to get advice from seasoned professionals or even get them to come and remove the animals for you.


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