Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Spiritual Guide

Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Spiritual Guide

Spiritual guides, tarot readers, lightworkers and psychic mediums are all intuitive, enlightened and positive people who touch the lives of practically everyone they meet. They impart wisdom, and they teach people how to embrace positivity and transform their lives by aligning themselves with spirit and source energy. To honor and show gratitude to your favorite spiritual guide, you can give him or her a meaningful gift that will touch the soul and honor the respective chosen life path. Here are a few just-because gifts for your favorite lightworker.

Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are always well received by a spiritual guide. These lamps are filled with abundance of earth energy and are often used during readings or sessions with clients. A lightworker can never have enough Himalayan salt lamps.

Tarot Decks

One of the most thoughtful and sincere gifts you can give a psychic or tarot reader is a new deck of love and romance or tarot cards. It is rare when tarot readers uses the same deck from reading to reading. They change their deck based on the messages they receive from spirit and feelings they get when they hold each deck in their hands. Any tarot reader would be honored to receive a new deck from a respected and loving friend. ( Your energy will become a part of the deck, and he or she will think of you each time the deck is utilized during readings with clients.

Wall Art, Gems, Stones And Other Feel-Good Gifts

A spiritual guide is only as good as the environment they create in their professional space. Gems, stones, candles, water fountains, backdrops, inspirational art and colorful wall tapestries, like the ones at Third Eye Tapestries , are awe-inspiring, colorful and invoke a sense of calming energy and tranquility in a spiritual space.

Retreats and Getaways

If you have a larger budget, one of the most humbling and sincere gifts you could give your favorite spiritual guide is an all-inclusive retreat or vacation to a sponsored event pertinent to their field of expertise. All spiritual guides have their favorite teachers and masters of their respective craft. These masters often teach seminars and host showcases where fellow guides can come to thrive, learn and grow. These retreats and seminars often combine the benefits of mind, body and spirit work through yoga, guided meditations, hot stone massage and one-on-one sessions designed to take a spiritual guide’s practice to the next level.

The beauty of giving a spiritual guide a gift is that every single present, big or small, is honored and cherished with love and gratefulness. When you give your treasured friend a gift they can enjoy and simultaneously use to grow their business, your present becomes priceless.


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