Importance of online presence for individuals and businesses

Importance of online presence for individuals and businesses

Almost everyone is online today. Because of that, it is very important how we present ourselves and our business online. We can do this through various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. or we can have a website.

Social Networks

Social Networks are a great way to present your lifestyle online. First of all, it is completely free. And it is easy to control what we want to present. That is important because you can meet your potential clients or employer there. And even when you don’t meet them there, they will probably search for your social media profile if you have a meeting scheduled.


Importance of online presence for individuals and businesses

If you have a business or make money online then you definitely need a website. Your potential clients judge you based on it. Just like you don’t go to a business meeting or a job interview in old clothes, you don’t want to have an old-fashioned website. Instead, you want modern, responsive, well-designed website which looks great on mobile as well on a desktop computer. Fulgsi is a great example.

Today, people go online to find solutions for their problems. Because of that, it is important to have Search Engines Optimized (SEO) website. Content management system with the best SEO is WordPress. Because of that almost 30 % websites are WordPress based. WordPress administration panel is easy to learn for an end user. When Fulgsi creates a WordPress website for their clients, they provide them with detailed instructions for publishing and updating website content.

If you want to brand yourself or your business, then you definitely need a combination of website and social network presence. It should look professional because people judge you by what they see online sometimes before they meet you in person. Just like you invest in your car, wardrobe, hairstyle, jewelry and other things which present you in person, you must invest in your online presence because today it is equally important.


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