Top Tips on Staying Warm During Winter

Top Tips on Staying Warm During Winter

Do you live in the northern part of the hemisphere in a climate that gets cold (0 degrees Celsius or colder) in the winter months? If so, you might understand the feeling of constantly being cold and never feeling like you can warm up: even if within the confines of your own home!

In fact, heating your home can be a costly exercise…you have to compromise between spending money and staying comfortable at some points. Well, there are ways to avoid maximum cost and still stay warm during the winter months.

In fact, we have compiled a list of ways and tips on staying warm during winter that may help you with your home efficiency as well as your personal comfort. The winter season may be exciting and changing to some; but to most, the cold does have to be averted and considered. So that these tips and work on de-thawing a bit during or after the year’s winter season!

1) Get a programmable thermostat

Want to keep your natural gas home heated as high as you can without paying a fortune of a bill to the gas company? It may seem obvious to some, but investing in a programmable thermostat that can also be controlled from an app on your phone allows you to raise the temperature when you are in the house and lower it when gone. For instance, you could raise the temperature in the evening and then lower it at night while you sleep and during the day while you work. This may not work in households with individuals on different schedules, but could also be a life-saver if going away on vacation!

2) Use an electric fireplace to get some heat in one room

If you are not crazy about turning up the heat on the thermostat for the whole house and want more a of a single-room heating solution, consider buying an electric fireplace to keep one area of the home heated instead. Granted, electric heat can be more expensive than natural gas, but it may also be less expensive than propane and does not fluctuate as much in rate in terms of CFM or however your energy bill is measured: try it out for aesthetic reasons as well.

3) Avoid the draft with door snakes

Trying to seal out the cold air from entering underneath the door-jams? A door snake can be purchased or otherwise crafted to be used underneath the door-jam and keep out the draft. It may actually make a big difference on homes where a healthy draft is indeed entering the house; so although this idea does not sound like pure rocket science, do not discount it and in fact give it a try: you may just be surprised at how well keeping a draft out keeps your house warm during the winter and can even save you on home heating bills.

4) Dress yourself up in warmer winter clothes

Here is another tip that may seem almost foolish for being written about simply because it is so basic and easy to do that almost anyway should be able to think of it. If you want to stay warm during the winter months at home, dress yourself in warmer winter clothes. Try this: get some awesome warm, comfortable, and stylish pajamas with your spouse, children, or roommates; then, make almost an enjoyable event of it each night as you wind down and disregard the work clothes for the day and put yourself into some comfy clothes such as pajamas. Snuggle up together on the sofa with some pajamas and some blankets for comfy family movie night!


Hopefully this list of ways that you can stay warm during the winter months is helpful to home in not only keeping your home heated and your heat bill efficient, but also in regard to how you feel with your comfort levels and your personal satisfaction of having a warm and toasty home.

Although winter can be exciting and fun to experience the change in seasons, the cold is not always the best part (at least past the Christmas season) and can be a drag when you are sometimes longing for those longer days and warmer summer months. These tips were meant to help you warm up and last out the length of the long and cold winter season.

Heating the home can cost a lot of money and not be very fun in terms of viewing the heating bill each month: so why make the compromise between what you spend and your levels of comfort when you can follow the winter warmth tips above and enjoy the best of both worlds? There ARE ways to avoid costs and still maintain an optimal level of comfort in winter.

If you are living in the northern parts of the world and your winter months are cold and dreary, you might just understand this feeling of being cold constantly, even if you are inside of your very own home.

Have some tips on staying warm during the long and dragged out months of winter? If so, it would be great to hear your ideas and opinions via the comments section below: so, please leave some remarks and contributions!


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