Cheap Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

Cheap Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

All of us want our homes to look squeaky clean and beautiful. However, with increasingly busy lifestyles, there is very little time to invest in house cleaning, which can be a very tedious process. Often, it can become an expensive process as well, due to the cost of many specialized cleaning liquids and equipment, and that’s a pity- house cleaning supplies aren’t actually what most of us like to splurge on. However, thanks to the enterprising nature of humankind, several easy and cheap home cleaning tips have been tried and tested, and they have great results. Here are some cheap cleaning tips.

Avoid overuse

Using a lot of cleaning fluid or material may seem like the quickest and most effective way to clean something, but it may cause more damage than good. With many cleaning supplies, a little goes a long way, and it’s always best to start out with a small quantity, especially in the case of leather furniture, expensive carpets, delicate chinaware and special items.

Clean regularly

As exhausting as that sounds, it definitely is not such a bother. If you clean your home regularly, there are less chances of dust and dirt piling up and hence, negligible chance of you having to give up your free time for tiring tasks such as scrubbing and sweeping. If you find the idea of regular cleaning terribly boring, switch on a little music to help you have fun while you’re at it.

Look for good deals

If you’re on a budget but still want to maintain quality of cleaning supplies, find out stores which offer reasonable discounts and deals on such products every now and then. Be on the lookout for sales and grab a good supply to store for the future.  Also keep an eye out for free samples from stores and from websites like Samplestuff.Com– you can try out new cleaning supplies that way, and purchase larger quantities if you like the products.

Find alternative uses

A lot of household items and kitchen ingredients we use daily can double as great and inexpensive cleaning supplies. Old clothes make good cleaning rags, lemon is a great disinfectant, baking soda and coffee beans help banish bad odour, and shoe polish can make your leather couch look as good as new.

Plan a budget

Allocate a monthly budget for cleaning tools and supplies, just as you would for grocery shopping and other expenses. This will make sure you spend only as much as you can afford to, and make the most economical decisions when it comes to purchasing new supplies.

Invest in quality

That is not to say that cheap supplies are inferior products. However, certain tools and supplies should always be of good quality, so that you don’t risk damaging parts of your home, furniture or décor to the point that the damage cannot be fixed. Moreover, when you buy high quality tools and implements, they are bound to last longer, and you will ultimately save on cost of repair and replacement.

With these simple and cheap cleaning tips, you should be able to get your home spotless without spending a fortune.


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