Lovely Nature: How to Spend More Time in the Outdoors

Lovely Nature: How to Spend More Time in the Outdoors


Humans are remarkably adaptable creatures, and if you need any more proof of it, then just think about this: we belong in the outdoors, yet we spend the vast majority of our time indoors, sheltered from the elements. But the outdoors isn’t just a place where our ancestors roamed: it plays a big role in our happiness levels. Spend time outside, and our brain gets a boost. Spend too much indoors, and our energy levels plummet. Now, we know it’s not always easy to head outside, so that’s why we’ve put together some useful information about how you can get outside more!

Use Small Opportunities

You might need to spend eight hours at work, and eight hours sleeping, but, hey, there are twenty-four hours in a day! So that means you’ve got eight hours throughout the day to do your thing; how are you going to spend them? You could do a lot worse than using these pockets of time to be in the outdoors. This isn’t all that complicated, either. In the evening, you can go for a stroll around your neighborhood (it’s even better if you have a nearby park), or you can use your lunch break to go for a walk. Easy!

Set Up Your Yard

If you’re a property owner, then you’ve likely already got your very own slice of the outdoors! You can easily spend more time in the outdoors, simply by getting to work and making your yard a space that’s more conducive to relaxation and activity. Create a comfortable seating area, for starters. It’ll be great in the summer; in the winter, by some wood from a company like, and set up a firepit. You’ll be able to stay warm even when the temperature begins to dip. You can also look at setting up a vegetable garden. This’ll have you in the garden for hours on end, using your hands, and you’ll get delicious vegetables from it, too.

Pick a Hobby

It’s not always enjoyable to drag yourself into the outdoors, especially if you’re only doing it so you can get your daily fix of nature. So why not pick an outdoor hobby? By doing an activity like hiking, kayaking, or horse riding, you’ll be able to spend hours in the outdoors at a time and, since you’re having fun, you won’t even notice just how much time has passed.

Explore Your Local Area

At the weekends, why not get to exploring? No matter where you live, you’ll have slices of nature dotted nearby. These make for fantastic day-trips, especially if you have children (or a pet dog!). As well as spending time outside, you might just find that there’s more to your local area than you previously thought. Also, explore with BestSurvival for information that you need if you are going to be spending more time outside.

With Friends

And finally, what’s better than spending time with friends? To see what outdoor fun you’ve been missing out on, plan a camping trip. There’s nothing like spending time laughing, talking, and bonding in the great outdoors, under a starry sky.


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