Does the Three Day Nanny have children?

Does the Three Day Nanny have children?

The Three Day Nanny is a popular Channel 4 show starring the ‘Three Day Nanny’ – Kathryn Mewes, but many of us have wondered whether the Three Day Nanny is a mum herself?

Kathryn Mewes is a Norland nanny – that means that she was trained at the prestigious Norland College in Bath, where celebrities and aristocracy alike have sourced nannies for generations. Kathryn wasn’t a mum when she first started filming the Three Day Nanny, but she gave birth to her first child, Harriet, in 2016, and now has a second.

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said that the experience had been a steep learning curve – and within days of giving birth to her first child, she had herself hired a nanny. She said: “Someone else trained my baby to sleep while I walked around the block with the dog, sobbing with guilt and frustration.”

The premise of the show involves Kathryn descending on a family with poorly behaved children. Over the course of just three days, she is inevitably able to help the family maintain better discipline and enjoy a more peaceful life together, by implementing routines and dishing out discipline.

Does the Three Day Nanny have children?

She says that she found it easier to impose discipline before she was a parent herself: “It’s all very well telling parents to behave in certain ways, but I realise now that life gets in the way,”

“I’m not sure I’d have the strength to leave a child to cry and I don’t know how long I could let them tantrum without stepping in to soothe them.”

Kathryn would make the perfect celebrity guest or speaker at any kind of parent-focused event, like a conference or show, or as a famous face to promote childcare-related products. If you’re interested in hiring the Three Day Nanny for an event you’re planning, contact booking agency MN2S to find out more.


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