Wedding decor hire: How to Choose Best Decor for Your Wedding

Wedding decor hire: How to Choose Best Decor for Your Wedding

The decor you have for your wedding will help reflect your tastes as well as serve as a mood setter for your wedding. You should therefore put enough thought into it. There many options available when it comes to wedding decor. You can seek expert help if you have no idea where to begin. The experts will help you make the best selection and you will end up with a tastefully done wedding venue. You should have in mind the vision you want for your wedding as this gives you a starting point for your decisions.

Choose a wedding style

Pick the style you want for your wedding. This can be formal, classic or chic among other styles. This will dictate the elements that you will use for decorations and functional items. The idea here is to focus on the feel you want your venue to have. It is not enough to get flowers and drapes. How you use them, the choice of chairs, tables and even dinnerware will affect the mood you want to set for your wedding. The choice of all elements will therefore go towards effecting the style you want. Having a style to focus on will make your decor choice easy.

Keep it simple

Do not overdo your decorations. In the excitement of making a good impression, you may go overboard on the decorations. Keep it simple and you will be surprised how minimal quality decorations will make a better impression than a room overflowing with flowers and drapes. You can make functional elements in the room such as the aisle markers decorative. Do not overwhelm the space with excessive decorations as this will alter the look you are going for. Have few centerpieces and highlight them as the focal point of the decor. You will find you will have created a comfortable atmosphere that is not overwhelming to the senses.

Incorporate the wedding venue elements

The wedding venue you pick should have something working for it and that is most likely why you picked it. You can plan your decor around the elements that are present in the venue. If it’s a scenic view, stained glass or impressive architectural details, you do not want to take away from them the desired effect. You can instead highlight them better when you use minimal decorations. In some cases such as “an outdoor weddings” with spectacular views, you may have to do away with additional decoration. You can be sure no amount of decoration will draw your guests’ eyes away from the impressive waterfall giving a dramatic backdrop to your wedding venue.

Choose your colors wisely

Many people focus on two matching colors for their wedding theme which limits them or overwhelms the decor. Have other colors to complement the main ones you choose. You can draw the colors from the same color palette as the main ones. This gives you better application of your theme colors as well as a more natural look for your decoration efforts. There are many Johannesburg decor hire companies that you can consult on color choices.


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