Facial Hair Removal: Modern vs Traditional Methods What Works for You?

Facial Hair Removal: Modern vs Traditional Methods What Works for You?

Nowadays, it is easy for women to pinpoint their problem areas. Selfies and high definition cameras place a spotlight on what women want to modify. One of these beauty issues that women want to solve is unwanted facial hair.

Unwanted facial hair, sometimes called “peach fuzz” or “vellus hair”, has long been a problem for women all over the world. It can be annoying and embarrassing to have excess facial hair on the upper lip or on the chin. Thus, women tend to look for an effective women’s facial hair remover.

What causes unwanted facial hair?

Basically, women develop unwanted facial hair due to abnormal levels of androgens, testosterone included. Females naturally produce androgens, but the levels are usually low. There are some medical conditions that cause an overproduction of androgen. This can lead to male-pattern hair growth.

How to Remove Facial Hair the Modern Way

Of course, women tend to take actions to get rid of their peach fuzz. After all, facial hair is usually associated with the males. Over time, people have developed ways to remove unwanted facial hair.

Here are some of the most common ways of removing unwanted hair:

  1. Dermaplaning – This treatment doesn’t actually focus on unwanted hair. It is an innovative exfoliating method that focuses on removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. Aside from this, it also helps remove unwanted facial hair. It is done with a scalpel blade, but it is painless. The downside of this method is that it is a no-no for women with sensitive skin or rosacea. Plus, it is quite expensive.
  2. Threading –  A threading specialist can easily get rid of unwanted facial hairs. This is a method that has been tried and tested by men and women for centuries. In threading, a piece of thread is doubled and twisted. It is then rolled over short rows of hair where they are plucked at a follicular level. You might have to prepare for some pain in this method. It is commonly offered in brow bars or salons.
  3. Hair Removal Creams – There are a lot of hair removal creams in the market that will help you remove peach fuzz. However, be watchful of the development time of each product, since these may cause irritation or burns if not used correctly. It is best to do a patch test first before going all in.
  4. Waxing – This is an aggressive option for removing hair from the whole face. It is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin. The skin gets irritated so you would have to think of aftercare too.
  5. Electrolysis – It’s removing hair through an electric current. It’s a treatment that requires a lot of skill, so if you want to try electrolysis, find an excellent therapist.
  6. Laser hair removal – Lasers are used to damage hair follicles, disabling them from producing hair. With the right treatment, laser hair removal will lead to permanent hair removal.
  7. Thermal Technology – This is another innovative women’s facial hair remover. There are permanent thermal technology hair removers in the market that uses heat to induce carbonization. As a result, the hair follicle proteins are damaged, and hair growth is inhibited.

How to Remove Facial Hair the Traditional Way

If you want to stick to natural methods of removing unwanted facial hair, you can turn to home remedies. Here are some remedies that real women have tried:

  1. Papaya and Turmeric 

Papaya has papain, a natural enzyme that breaks down hair follicles to prevent them from growing hairs. Applying papaya on your face helps halt hair growth, making it easier for you to control your peach fuzz

Do it yourself:

  1. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to the papaya. Use a fork to mix and mash them together.
  2. Apply the paste to the area with unwanted facial hair. Gently massage your skin for maximum absorption.
  3. Wash the paste off with warm water after 15 minutes

 2. Egg White Mask

Eggs are packed with the nutrients needed to produce collagen. Since egg whites are naturally sticky, they can remove facial hairs when used as a mask.

Do it yourself:

  1. Mix the white of one egg with half a tablespoon of cornstarch and one tablespoon of sugar. Beat the mixture until smooth.
  2. Apply the paste on your face and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will harden into a thick mask that you can rip off.
  3. Rip the mask off in a quick manner. This will remove unwanted facial hair without hurting the skin.

 3. Sugaring

Sugaring is like waxing, but less painful. This is an ancient trick that has been tried and tested by a lot of people. If you have sensitive skin, this is your best bet.

Do it yourself:

  1. Heat a quarter of a cup of water.
  2. Add ¼ cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of sugar. Mix and continue heating until the mixture bubbles. Let simmer.
  3. Remove from heat once the mixture turns amber. Let cool.
  4. While you’re waiting for the mixture to cool, apply baby powder on your skin.
  5. Apply the paste on the skin, then place a strip of paper over it.
  6. Wait until the mixture hardens, then rip off in the direction of your hairs.

 4. Potato Lentil Mask

This is a procedure native to India and has been used for centuries. It is a very effective way of removing unwanted body hairs.

Do it yourself:

  1. Soak one cup of yellow lentils overnight. In the morning, grind it with a pestle to create a thick paste.
  2. Run potatoes in a cold press juicer to extract juice.
  3. Mix the potato juice and the lentil paste together. Add four tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey. Mix well to form a smooth paste.
  4. Apply the paste to the areas where there is unwanted hair. Let sit for twenty minutes.
  5. Once dry, rub the paste with your fingers. This will remove the paste, together with your unwanted hairs.

 5. Gelatin Face Mask

Unflavored gelatin removes unwanted facial hairs effectively. You can also add lemon juice and lavender essential oil to bleach and soften skin at the same time. You have to be careful when applying the gelatin face mask. It is sticks to the skin well, so you need to avoid applying it to the eyebrows or the eyelashes.

Do it yourself: 

  1. Mix three tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin powder in a bowl.
  2. Add one drop of lavender essential oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Microwave for less than twenty seconds.
  3. Apply directly to face. The mixture sticks to the skin quickly so you have to apply it while it’s warm.
  4. After five minutes, peel the mask off with your fingers.

An effective women’s facial hair remover may come in the form of an herb or a machine. If you want a quick solution to your peach fuzz problem, you can check out the modern methods of removing facial hair. If you prefer a home remedy that doesn’t cost much, you can try our DIY facial removers.

You are one step away to that selfie-worthy skin you are aiming for. Get rid of that peach fuzz today!


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