7 Secrets To Planning A Perfect Wedding

7 Secrets To Planning A Perfect Wedding

Couples preparing to get married are not only excited for the forthcoming new life but also the perfection of the wedding ceremony in terms of it reflecting their unique feelings, beliefs, customs and values in the best possible way. However, most people are at a mess in putting things together for a good and great event, hence, the reality falls way shorter than the expectation and may form a remorseful memory. Whatever the extent of remorse or regret, no one loves to fall in this – to help in your wedding plan, here are a few secrets to keep in mind while you plan your perfect wedding.

  1. Connect to the Sacredness of the Ceremony and Think It a Theatrical Event

From ancient times, wedding ceremony has been a sacred ritual rather than just legal bonding in all cultures. So, proper cultural and ethnic rituals are the mystery touch in the marriage ceremony. Plan in accordance to your social norms and beliefs. Keeping this part as the main section of the whole program, design the day thinking it a theatrical production in prior. Be the director of the show, careful choreography and positive artistic sense will be the factor in making your wedding different from the rest.

  1. Make Harmony between You and Your Tradition

Uniqueness of your own style and way of expression should in balance with the local tradition. A bias towards any of the two will compromise the essence of your unique wedding. Religious or state laws, or even the local traditions may specify some detail of the wedding ceremony, for example the age limits, family visits, ring exchange, pre-wedding celebration etc. Keeping a good track of your modern and unique ideas on the background of such traditional format really hits deep inside for all the guests and attendees who actually are the most important part of the ceremony. Be sure to hire an experienced wedding photographer to capture all the special moments at the wedding.

  1. Be Smart and Clear on Time and Location

Many people do not take care of this part thinking it as a negligible issue. However, planning the time and location clearly is a great necessity for a successful ceremony. The start time should be maintained either in a direct manner or in a planned form of time cushion like a little window before the actual beginning. Don’t make people wait long. As well as, choose a location full of air and light, easily accessible to the kidos, olds and disables. Add map and directions in your invitation card and use strategic signs like balloons or such to guide your guests.

  1. Make It Simple, Short and Fast

Simplicity defines the most gorgeous and this is true for the wedding ceremony too. The place of the ceremony can be decorated using art of simple lights and colors. Simpler and shorter the arrangements are, lesser the guests would be bored. Long hours and very slow progress may cause boredom, that will eventually make the ceremony dull. Choreography needs to be simple enough to accommodate the audiences actively and joyfully.

  1. Be Relaxed and Cheerful

For a new couple, the wedding ceremony could be the time when one meets the new relatives and many in laws for the first time. New faces, new relations may cause both excitement and fear of messing up. Many couples become overwhelmed by the anxiety due to the psychological dilemma they go through. So, it is very important to be free of stress and a cheerful face will definitely win the guests and new relations.

  1. Know the Limitations

Wedding day is just like any other day when it comes to day length, atmosphere and weather etc. So, don’t try to go over the top in beautifying the day with long standing hours of celebrations and know that you won’t be making an out of the earth event. Rather be with the sensible essence of marriage and whole ceremony, be practical – this will really boost the true appeal of the celebration.

  1. Entrust Your Plan and Keep Up the Humor

Do plan but don’t get away with the plan on the wedding day. Delegate the plan, know that delegating and entrusting works better than continuously comparing the details to the enlisted events and chronology. Keep the sense of humor up, manage well any faults but don’t mismanage due to excitement. Know that the plan was virtual and what happens is practical, enjoy the serenity and serendipity. You will remember the pros, not the cons.


These are some very effective ways to ensure you have a perfect and unforgettable wedding. When you know the best place to rent furniture, you can give your wedding venue the best possible look. You can simply hire a professional event management company and the company can find wedding furniture, wedding photographer, wedding decorations and all that you may need for a special wedding. It allows you to relax and just communicate well with the event management company to get everything done. You still need to follow the above mentioned tips.


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