A Houston Wedding Photographer Covers Different Poses For Couples

A Houston Wedding Photographer Covers Different Poses For Couples

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When you are shooting under pressure, it can be difficult to get that “just right” pose. This is especially difficult if you have a couple that refuses to follow your direction when it comes to body positioning, facial expression and hand movement. If you struggle to pose a bride and a groom, you have come to the right place. This article is packed with tips to help you develop the perfect pose for the couple. In order to take a great photo, you must understand composition, lighting, exposure and a beautiful pose. If you do not pose the couple correctly, your photographs will be missing one of the key ingredients. Your photos will not look quite right.

Developing a Strong Foundation

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When you are posing a couple, you must understand that the body is positioned for both composition and light. Take a couple of test photos and get your exposure settings correct. This will take care of all ingredients other than posing your couple. By getting everything set properly, you will be able to concentrate on interacting and posing with your clients. Take a second to observe your couples face. Does the face become either darker or lighter? If not, why should you change your exposure? Shooting using the manual mode will help save your time when you are editing the photos because you will be able to batch edit. If you are always fiddling with your exposure levels, it will interfere with posing your couple.

Posing the Spine, Hands and Eyes

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Brides should be posed so that they look elegant, confident and tall. To help strike this pose, ask your bride to stretch her spine and avoid slouching. It is best if you inform your subjects to follow your movements rather than communicating with them verbally. By striking the pose yourself, you will help your bride understand exactly what she needs to do. In addition to this, it can help break the ice and get her to loosen up.

Gentleman’s Club

Grooms should look both handsome and classy. To pose the guy, he should lift his back leg and shift his weight onto his front leg to help him seem imposing. for upper body shots, ask the groom to lean slightly forward. With women, you tilt the hand into a position that you cannot see the back or palm of her hands. Conversely, men should have strong hands so position the groom’s hand so that you can see either the back of his hand or his palm. Ask the bride to tilt her head and lift her chin towards her higher shoulder. For the groom, ask him to drop his head slightly to create a masculine look.

Fast Photography

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Because a wedding photographer Houston professional must make a lot of photos in a short amount of time, it is best to shoot more photos rather than getting the perfect shot. It is important to remember that the same flaws that you see in your photos will not be noticed by the client. To maximize your photo shoot, do all of your safe shots first then do as many difficult shots as time allows.

Common Posing Scenarios to Consider

No matter where you are doing your photo shoot, you will need to deal with horizons. The horizon line is the dominant horizontal line that continues across the frame. When you are shooting standing up, this line can go through your client’s hips, elbows, ankles or knees. Control the horizon line by either kneeling or laying down on the ground for the shot.

Posing Groups

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When you are taking wedding photos, you will also be taking pictures of large groups of people. This can cut into your photography time. One way to speed up the process is to meet with the bride and groom and get a list of the group shots that they want taken before the wedding. You should also talk to the couple about any family dynamics you should be aware of to avoid awkward situations like having divorced parents to stand together.

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