5 Comfortable Styles to Try This Year

5 Comfortable Styles to Try This Year

The year is 2018 and the theme is comfort! Let’s be honest; while trying to look fashionable and put together, most of us negate the importance of comfort. Well, the New Year is here and being comfortable in your skin as well as in the clothes you are wearing is the in-thing! However, we can agree that trying to maintain that stylish edge while still embracing comfort is a fine line to tread. Deciding on the perfect comfortably chic outfit is definitely an uphill task.

The good news is that the fashion world has embraced loungewear and other comfort-based styles in a big way this year. You don’t have to go Monday through Monday killing your feet in stilettos or rocking that suit to remain trendy. This year, you can easily go from a day out with your date or friends and come back right home to crash on your couch without having to change into something that is more comfortable. Here are 5 styles you can rock to embrace the ultimate fashion utopia where comfort is considered stylish:

  1. Animal Onesies

As a child, you probably had to wear onesies all the time. But they are not only meant for kids these days. You can pick up one for yourself and get in with the times. Not only are animal onesies the in-thing in 2018, they are so much fun. They make for great sleeping and lounging gear and, if you are brave, you can wear it out with your friends for a fun day out.

  1. Gym Couture

You heard right! Wearing gym clothes in a non-gym setting is fashionable in 2018. Look through your stuff and bring out that old PE kit or that training gear that was reserved solely for working out. In this post-athleisure world, be a bit bold and throw on some lycra cycling shorts or even your pair of clunky sneakers. You can pair them with a great tank top or any other funky tee to give it a casual look.

  1. Pajama Pants

You can easily turn your pajama pants into everyday attire by pairing it with some great shoes and a classy top. Keep away from the flannel plaid pajamas that you love so much and instead trade them in for your silky nightwear. You can pair it with a blazer, a nice leather jacket, a fitting t-shirt and a pair of heels.

  1. Statement Socks

Statement socks not only give you utmost comfort, they also bring a pop of color to your outfit. For a great look, you can pair your statement socks with sandals or pumps that display their color and pomp. Go for the ankle length or knee-high pair depending on the rest of your ensemble.

  1. Leggings

Leggings spell out comfort more than any other attire in your dresser. They are the staple in many people’s closets and the reason is widely known. Leggings are versatile since you can pair them with numerous outfits to achieve various looks.  Ensure that you stock up on the thick cotton leggings and mix it up to make your outfit look stylish for every occasion.


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