5 Fun Activities for You and Your Dog to Bond Over

Morning walk or jog

Life these days is getting busier than ever, with growing responsibilities and newer challenges to face each day. Amidst all the chaos, our pets act like a breeze of positivity that distracts us from the worldly troubles and helps us relax. We as pet-parents try to work out as much time as we can to bond with our pups but at times fail to do justice to them. I know the pain of leaving your dog behind and the guilt we experience. However, you don’t have to give up on essential activities to make time for your pooch. No, I don’t mean to say that you should leave your pup alone and head out. But what I mean is that you can make your dog a part of everyday activities. Here is a list of five fun tasks that you and your furry companion can try out together:

Morning Walk or Jog

A morning walk is crucial to stay fit and healthy, and your pup can be the perfect companion as he requires exercise as much as you do. Both of you can go for a walk around the block. If you have a large breed dog, you can take him for a jog as they need to expend higher energy. Once your dog becomes accustomed to your morning routine, he won’t let you drop out any day. An important thing to consider before taking your dog for a run is his physical condition, so do consult the veterinarian before beginning any exercise program.

Yoga with your dog

Practice Yoga with your Pup

Many dog-parents avoid signing up for yoga or gym as they don’t want to be away from their pets after work. Well, why not bring your dog to yoga class? There are studios offering yoga or should I say doga classes where your canine can participate. It is an excellent way to bond with your dog where both of you can benefit from the positive energy. Some poses include stretching and massaging your dog which can help in calming their minds whereas you can burn some calories while reaping the benefits of mindfulness.

Take your dog out for lunch

Take Your Dog Out for Lunch

Whether you want to grab a cup of hot coffee or eat out for lunch, you can now take your pup along. Look for dog-friendly restaurants in your area where your pooch can have fun. Make sure you feed your dog and get him to expend some energy before you head to the restaurant as you don’t want your pooch to bark, whine or try to steal the food.

Shopping with your dog

Shop with Your Dog   

From dog-friendly restaurants to hotels, now we have specific stores that allow dogs inside. Check out the list of stores near your place where dogs are welcome and take your dog along when you need to do some shopping. PRO-TIP: Only specific branches of a store may allow dogs whereas the rest may follow a different policy, call and ask beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

Road trip with your dog

Road Trips

Dogs are the perfect travel companions as they provide nonjudgmental company. Before planning a road trip, you must ensure that your pup is accustomed to car rides and doesn’t suffer from motion sickness. Also grab a pouch of your pup’s favorite treats, water and food bowls and other essentials for the journey. (Carry sprays or medications to protect your dog from flea infestations if you are traveling towards a high-risk area.) REMEMBER dogs need to be properly restrained using a pet seat belt or harness during car travel otherwise, you may get fined.


Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.


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