The Art of Choosing the Perfect Flower for Your Occasion

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Flower for Your Occasion

Flowers are the perfect presents for any occasion. The gift gets even better if you know the right category of flowers for each occasion. Instead of looking for other presents, going for flowers is a suitable option for busy city lives and you can buy them easily as wholesale flowers online.


Weddings are all about flowers and still you just can’t get enough of those. For presents, it’s better to go with smaller blooms. For wedding actually, there is no hard and fast rule for flower selection. The sky is the limit in terms of options here. Our personal favorites are however carnations, lilies and tulips for the wedding present.

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Valentine’s Day

You might think flowers would be the most clichéd gift on a valentine’s day but that’s a wrong notion. A well assorted flower bouquet is still one of the most hyped gifts for the occasion. A combination of shades of red decorated with green foliage and baby’s breathe is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Roses, lavenders and peonies could be your selection of flowers. You can get them as wholesale flowers online or in any local stores.

Mother’s day

A flower bouquet with a heartfelt message is what your mother looks forward to on a mother’s day. Surprise her with a bouquet arranged with flowers that portrays love and appreciation. Shades of red, pink and white flowers would be the most suitable. We recommend getting roses, white jasmine and orchids for the occasion.


The shades of anniversary flowers are a bit subjective. Some prefer the calm and composed colors whereas others like the brighter palettes. Think of a theme first before selecting the flowers. If you maintain the theme rather than just buying a bouquet from the shop, your partner will see the effort you gave in making the bouquet special. If you set on a theme, you can easily get wholesale flowers such as roses, tulips; hydrangeas etc. online and create your preferred arrangement.

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Birthdays call for vibrant and bright shades of color. No matter how old one gets, they always love colors that portray youth and agility. The joyous occasions calls for chrysanthemum, daffodils, sunflowers, orchids and other bright flowers as presents.

Christmas or thanks-giving

One of the occasions when the full family or your friends are together and therefore, the flowers should be just right. You will usually find winter flowers or all season flowers only during Christmas. We recommend that you order ahead as flowers get sold out very soon during the holiday season. Just visit the whole blossoms website and order wholesale flowers as per your convenience.  The perfect blooms for the occasion would be Amaryllis, Dahlia, sweet peas, red berries and green stems.

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During get-togethers as well, flowers are an important factor. This is the part where you get to be creative with the arrangements. If you want something vintage themed, go for darker shade flowers such as purple orchids, fuchsia ranunculus etc. For blues and whites, you can create a combination of white roses, peonies and blue orchids in between.

Date nights

Flowers aren’t mandatory for date nights but there’s nothing wrong if you surprise your partner with a specially arranged bouquet. Go for meaningful flowers that describe your relationship well. For instance, if you are best friends with your partner, use yellow roses, purple orchids and green stems. This combination portrays more strong bond and friendship. However, if it’s a first date, few shades of ranunculus and baby breathe in between will definitely work in impressing your date.

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As a token of appreciation, flowers can be exchanged during graduations. Important factor here is how well are you related with the graduate. If you know the person well, you will definitely know their preferred color or flower. Just go for some seasonal blooms and arrange a bouquet with their favorite flowers.

Flowers might be the most clichéd present but is the most effective one if taken the right initiative. Don’t just randomly buy a bouquet rather put an effort in selecting the relevant flowers and color scheme. The occasion and the person to whom you are giving the flowers should be taken into consideration first.


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