Tips for Drone Wedding Photography

Tips for Drone Wedding Photography

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Drone photography at a wedding is an exciting way of capturing amazing photos that you just cannot get in any other way. However, it is essential to approach this process correctly to avoid making any mistakes. Here are some of the best tips for taking perfect wedding drone photos at your next ceremony. These tips will help prepare you for this process and make it simpler to get great shots. 

1. Shop for the Best Drone for You

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Don’t buy the first drone that you find for the lowest possible price. While you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a great photography drone, you should also avoid being cheap. When buying, make sure that your drone has a lengthy battery life (5-6 hours) and that it has a DSLR camera.

You should also try to find one that has multiple control techniques, such as a personal remote or cell-phone controls. In this way, you can find a control method that works for your needs. Make sure to practice for several days before trying out any real photography. Here is a guide to choosing the best drones to buy on the market today.

2. Research Rules and Regulations

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Now that you know how to use a drone with some skill, it is important to check the rules and regulations of drone photography. Some states or cities may ban using these items. And if they don’t ban using them, wedding ceremony areas may not allow them. This situation can be frustrating if your clients have asked for drone photography.

So make sure that you ask for permission before assuming it is okay. You may want to talk to your clients about finding a venue that allows drone photography. While this may change the nature of their ceremony, it will enable you to capture high-quality shots without worrying about these legal and personal complications.

3. Make Sure You Prepare for a Shoot

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You can’t just show up on the wedding day with your drone and assume you’re going to capture great shots. Scouting out the venue is critical to know more about the shoot. This step lets you pick where you will control your drone and choose what kind of angles you can get from your drone.

Beyond that, you also need to make sure that you check for areas that could be problematic for your drone. Power lines and tall buildings are always an issue that should be avoided. It is also essential to bring a variety of extra battery packs just in case your original battery start wearing out during your flights. Additional lenses and other items are also a great thing to bring along.

4. Take Multiple Test Shots

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While you are scouting out the photography location, try out multiple shots from a variety of heights and angles. Height isn’t always necessary when you are taking drone shots. Sometimes, you need the right angle to capture the imagination and draw your clients into your photography. Also, make sure to talk to the wedding host to find out the itinerary for the event.

This action will help you plan out the locations of the event, where you need to take shots, and figure out the right times to take photos. Remember that you shouldn’t take shorts during certain moments. Drones can be quite loud and may be distracting during delicate situations. However, take pictures of the actual ceremony if the couple permits you.

5. Prepare for Some Distractions

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People interested in these aerial crafts often approach photographers who use drones. As a result, you may end up having a guy who “knows a lot about drones” trying to gab with you while you are taking shots. Avoid being rude to these people, but let them know that you are working and need to concentrate.

After all, keeping a drone in the area, watching its progress on a screen, and taking photos are all actions that require a lot of concentration. Trying to field questions from a group of excited children will only make this more difficult. It isn’t a bad idea to hold a Q&A session before the event to let people express their curiosity. In this way, they won’t bug you while you take photos.

6. Create Unique Shot Situations

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While high-quality drones can capture a variety of imaginative shots during a ceremony, you should make sure to stage some beautiful shots. For example, you could take the wedding party and arrange them in a heart. Then, you could take a photo of this cool angle to get a visual that highlights their love and affection.

You should also try to stage shots near areas that capture the imagination of the couple. For example, they may be fans of horses and want pictures of them riding a few steads across a plain. Find an area that works for this need and integrate it into your plan for the day. Tips like these help make wedding drone photography are more exciting and thrilling experience.

7. Consider the Surrounding Area

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Drone photographers may be tempted to focus only on the wedding couple or the party when taking shots. This mistake is understandable but can ruin a shoot. Instead of narrowing your focus so much, expand it to the surrounding areas. For example, if your couple is getting married near a beautiful lake, pose them near it and integrate it into your pictures.

Just as critically, you should try to integrate other elements into the shot as much as possible. Long fields, beautiful flower decorations, and other features like these help to make an aerial shot more imaginative and exciting. By pulling these concepts into your photography, you create beautiful photos that your couple will love for years to come.

8. Practice Your Gimbal Skills

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Gimbal controls on a drone will adjust its angle and allow you to get a variety of different shots. Therefore, it is crucial to master the gimbal as much as possible. This concept can be complicated to master at first because it requires a slightly different method than controlling the flight path. For example, you can hold your drone in one place while you adjust the tilt.

You can also tilt your drone in a way that changes the shot while maintaining a focus on the wedding group. As a result, you can get a variety of picture variations from a single location. Experiment with this during the wedding day to get some surprisingly complex and engaging pictures that your clients will love.

9. Create a Story With Your Pictures

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Taking wedding photos isn’t just about capturing memories. You are also telling a memorable story that will stay in the hearts of your clients for generations. Try to find a way to create unique stories that capture the imagination and create unique situations. For example, you could take aerial shots of the bride walking with her father down the aisle.

Then, you could take a shot of her kissing her new husband. This pairing tells the story of the father giving away his daughter and can capture an emotional situation quite beautifully. Don’t be afraid to zoom into individuals to get more focused and tight shots. You might find that you can catch every element of a wedding story with your drone.

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As you can see, wedding drone photography isn’t as complex as you may have feared. While it isn’t going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, it can be accomplished with just a little bit of work. So don’t hesitate to buy a drone and try it out. You might find that it expands your wedding photography business exponentially. It can also satisfy your customers even more.

Check out this Wedding Drone Photography Guide for beginners about necessary equipment, photography and filmmaking tips, composition techniques, etc. Take amazing wedding drone photos even at your first wedding photoshoot!


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