How to Design Your Home Around a Theme

How to Design Your Home Around a Theme

When searching for the right types of inspiration for designing your home, there are times where designing around a theme may become an attractive option. Have strong and fond memories from your childhood at the ocean-side? Or, maybe you have a certain movie or fan-based criteria that you would like your home to resemble.

In any case or decision taken for home design around a certain theme, you will want to have a list of “How-To” begin the proper design that creates a unique and wonderful design to your home without making it look cheesy or looking like you have tried too hard. Take these tips and progression for help with designing your home around a theme.

1. Decide on your actual theme

First, you will have to come up with an idea on which type of theme you will design around. Although you might have a strong idea circulating in your head that resolves around your ideal lifestyle, you may also not know where to begin.

To start, list out your interests and passions in life so you get an idea of what the options are. For instance, childhood memories on the lake or sea might inspire you to look into beach house décor as the main theme of your home.

Next, browse the internet and Pinterest for what others have done with themes to start the idea circulation in your head. Look at the flair items that others have chosen to start making some decisions in your head about what you will choose.

Finally, list out things in life that you still want to pursue, such as bucket list ideas and places to travel. For example, if you have always wanted to take that trip to France, Paris might be a viable option to design your theme around while you plan your dream trip in simultaneous fashion!

In any case, when you get your ideas from your passions, your memories, things you like online, and your “to-do” or bucket list ideas, you might start to see some commonalities form that can make your ideal theme for your home stick out like a sore thumb. Get started!

2. Take it room-by-room

Not sure on the location in the home of where to start designing your theme, you will want to lay out the whole house to make sure you do not over-saturate the idea, but you will also want to take it room-by-room. Do not go overboard with the theme lurking too strongly in the entire room or you will run the risk of over-saturation and tackiness to your design: you do not want that! Reserve some rooms for a neutral or minimalist element to tone done the strength of the theme in certain areas of the home.

3. Place the theme elements

Now that the decor has begun with your theme in mind and you have chosen the rooms to lay out the theme for and the rooms to leave alone, you want to start acquiring some elements that support the theme. You do not have to go out and buy all new “everything”, but you do need enough accent and flair to get theme across.

Remember, if you have already chosen a theme based on your life-long passion or interests, you may already have those elements in the home; it simply may take a bit or reorganizing and a few additional purchases to complete the perfect look for your theme!

Finally, balance out your theme from room to room by placing the elements evenly and not over-doing it in certain areas while leaving everything blank in others. Make sure there is balance in all elements you place so that you do not end up with a shrine to your theme in one room and an empty cell-style wall in other rooms!

 4. Be subtle, yet have intent with element placement
If you do not want to take on big tacky collections of your favorite themed items in certain areas of the home, you can still place items very discretely and maintain the class of your home. Some ideas include: fixing the lighting to light the room according to your theme, re-purposing old items to match your new theme, finding patterns for art prints to place around the home or even incorporate them onto windows or bed-spread elements, and bringing in natural plants or minerals based on the location of your theme’s environment.
You will be able to take these tips and respectfully dedicate your home to its new theme of what motivates and drives you. You will be able to do those without over-powering the theme, by having balance, and by subtlety spreading your interests throughout your home to create your new theme.
Designing your home around your favorite theme may be an attractive option for you. Search for the right types of inspiration, and your theme will reward you for taking the time and effort to design the home around it.
Comments, tips, questions, or suggestions? That is what the comments area is for below: leave your ideas and we will be sure to discuss how to design your home around your very own personal and unique styled theme!


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