Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Try in Austin

Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Try in Austin

Very few would argue that Austin, Texas a cool and happening place. In fact, the last decade or so has yielded tremendous growth in various age demographics and the city has seen an uptick in both nightlife and also outdoor attraction.

Some of these outdoor attractions are fun for all ages; and, since there is so much park and natural areas in the city of Austin, outdoor activities can be enjoyed in a number of places. If you are looking for outdoor things to do in the city of Austin, there is no shortage.

So, I have compiled a short list of the top 5 outdoor activities to try out in Austin, Texas!

1. Visit the Barton Springs Municipal Pool

Many travelers and locals are saying similar things about this hot spot: the Barton Springs pool is three acres of underground spring-fed delight. It brings in people from celebrities to tourists from all over and sees over 2,000 unique people per day. Bring the whole family down to the pool and enjoy the biking, swimming, and relaxation that this outdoor activity provides.

2. Rent an RV and drive around

Not sure exactly where to go? You could always pack it all in and rent an RV in Austin so no matter where you travel to, you are right at home. Think about, among all these outdoor activities are choices and a checklist of where to visit. This takes time to rent a vehicle, schedule hotel rooms, and figure out transportation to and from the attractions in general. With an RV in your pocket, you can pack it up and visit anywhere in Austin or in general while having the comfort of home right at your fingertips.

3. Visit Zilker Metropolitan Park

Looking for the ultimate outdoor area in Austin? The Zilker Park area is probably the main hub of all parks in the entire city. Andrew Jackson Zilker owner a large ranch in Austin Texas in the early 20th century and ended up gifting it to the city of Austin to contribute to the community and also the school system. The land was named Zilker Park and now includes a vast sculpture garden, beautiful botanical gardens, and the Barton Springs Pool as listed in item #1 above. The park is open all day and there is no charge to enter: this is definitely an outdoor activity not to miss in Austin!

4. Check out the Austin bats at Congress Avenue Bridge

Looking for something unique to see at nightfall? The largest colony of bats in a city setting in the country can be witnesses at the Congress Avenue Bridge during the summer months. If you visit at dusk, the bats will fly out and into the city to feed on insects all evening. In the fall and winter months, the bats migrate south to Mexico, so make sure this activity is planned during the summer months. A sunset cruise can be scheduled with a riverboat and also to view the bats; or, you can simply stand on the bridge at dusk if you dare to brave the hoards of bats swarming about!

5. Go exploring on Sixth Street

If you are planning on visiting Austin and want to hear some good music and visit some lively bars, visit Sixth Street in the evening. Located between Congress Street and I-35, Sixth Street is the Mecca for music and bar activity in Austin. In fact, it can even be compared to Bourbon Street in New Orleans as it is becoming the new hub for music and entertainment! Typically, evenings on the weekends are the busiest and sometimes the streets are even shut down to enhance the streets for pedestrians. Always plan a visit to Sixth Street when planning outdoor activities in Austin, TX.


There is no shortage of outdoor activities in Austin. There are options for all ages to enjoy as the growth of the city in a number of age groups has yielded limitless options. You should plan a trip to Austin if you are are looking for outdoor activities that are alive and happening.

Have some ideas of outdoor fun to add to my list above? Leave a comment below and we can discuss! 🙂


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