5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden for Summer

5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden for Summer

Winter has come and it will soon be gone, leaving your yard looking like an abandoned graveyard. The good news is, you can never prepare for summer too early! Winter destroys our plants and grass, leaving us to do all the work making it pretty again. Plus, we all just want an excuse to start acting like its summer again.

You may be looking at your yard thinking there is no reviving it, or that you can’t imagine being able to afford a company to fix this mess. Just by attempting a few garden techniques, your yard will be looking like new in no time!

We know there is this unspoken rivalry with your neighbors on who has the best-looking yard, so here are 5 quick ways you can spruce up your garden for the summer:

  1. Freshen Up Your Soil

After the dry and harsh winter, your plants need new food! Replenish your gardens with new and fresh soil. It will help the plants that didn’t die revive again and also provide healthy growing grounds for new plants. Buy a few bags of soil and spread it around all of your bushes and plants around the house. Not to mention, dark soil makes your garden appear new too. It gives it that fresh new look like you just planted a new set of plants, but really all you did was add new dirt.

Another tip from the pros involves fluffing up your soil. Once you add the fresh soil to your garden, take a rake or shovel and stir up the soil, mixing both types together.

  1. Re-Trim Your Garden and Walkways

Whether you have mulch or rock walkways, it is always an easy fix to add new rocks or mulch to make it look new again. After the winter has come and gone, your trim is often dark and covered with dirt. Purchase new bags or rocks and mulch and fill in the spots around your house and gardens that look like they need a little freshening.

The same goes for the trim around your sidewalks and garden. This can easily be done with a shovel or any tool with a flat edge. Take your shovel and by turning it sideways carve out the dirt and weeds that grow between the grass and the sidewalk, giving a new fresh lining. The same goes for your garden; creating a line between the grass and the dirt gives it a well-designed look and a new feel.

  1. Clean Out All The Ugly

The most satisfying task of all is cleaning out all the ugly that comes with winter. Winter usually brings in a mess of dirt, rocks, sticks; all types of debris. You will also notice all the weeds that grow during the winter when you couldn’t perform your usual weeding.

Take some time out of your day and start from the front of the house to the back of the house and clear all walkways of dirt and debris. Then put some gloves on and scan your garden for large sticks and weeds you can pull. Think of it as performing a facial for your garden!

  1. Replace Your Dead Plants with New Ones

Some plants may never revive from winter, so keeping them in the yard is useless and is taking up space for new ones! Rip out all of the dead plants in your garden and leave room for new ones in its place.

Don’t get too carried away with ripping out plants that don’t look pretty in the moment, some of your them may just need some warm air and new soil. Often it is a good idea to speak with a professional about your plants, like Perth Arbor Services, so they can help you understand exactly what is salvageable in your yard.

  1. Refill Dead Patches of Grass

The same goes for your grass; some areas of your yard may not revive from the harsh winter. Instead of going full-on crazy with ripping out your whole yard, we suggest only replacing the patches that are completely dried out and dead from winter. However, if you think your yard is beyond sprucing, it may be advisable to speak with an arborist.


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