Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors

Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors in any domestic arena or in commercial, office space influences the decor hugely, and does have a colossal and sophisticated effect upon the interior ambience. Hardwood floors are definitely delicate to be handled and maintained properly. Hence, ways and means of protecting hard wood floors are to be known well, so that the polish and the glossiness are never lost and the finish of the wood is retained well.

Protection from dust is a must

To clean the floor regularly with soft mop is suggested. To keep away dirt is the basic requirement for protection of hardwood floors. The glossiness of the hard wood is sensitive and the surface is delicate enough; this leads to the need of cleaning the floor on a regular basis.

Vacuum cleaning is the best possible known way of cleaning in a safe way

Vacuum cleaners are the devices that can easily be used to clean dust when it comes to hard wood floors. This causes no potential damage to the wooden floor surface. No physical damage is caused owing to the vacuum cleaning technique and no chemical harm happens as well.

Cleaning should never be harsh on the delicate and sensitive wooden surface. Light dusting or wiping is always suggested. Generally cleaning solid hard wood surfaces does have a potential risk involved and that should be taken care of to protect the surface from any sort of physical or chemical damage caused due to cleaning of the wooden surface.

A complete ‘no-no’ to wet mops

Moisture is dangerous for the wooden surfaces; and hence, direct rainwater from the windows should be avoided. We usually make the mistake of wiping the floor surface with wet mops without realizing the very dangerous impact of it on the wooden floor. Excess of water applied to the surface is really perilous.

But sometimes when the question of stains arises then it is better suggested to use a damp mop, that is not too soggy and then dry off the moisture as soon as possible. This can be an effective way to clean stubborn stains but and that too without harming the wooden floor surface.

Running on to the wooden surface with muddy and unclean shoes is another factor that should always be checked for protection of hard wood floors. This might cause physical damage and a difficult clean up session too.

Physical damage from pets and furniture are to be kept in check

The delicate surface of the hard wood is having a sensitive finish and the polish might just get a nasty, rather undesirable scratch if the nails of pets are not chopped off short. After all scratches are prominent physical damage which at the end of the costs a lot. A scratch can decimate the polish per se and is undesirable too.

In fact we should always be really extra careful regarding movement of any hard, large, heavy object upon the hard wood surface. Shifting of furniture might cause huge damage by scratches or might break the wooden surface; cracks or fissures might sometimes be caused by shifting of furniture. So, the possible remedy is shifting objects mostly furniture very carefully and use rags or carpets as well.

Furniture pads are available in the market too which are really helpful and instrumental in protecting wooden surface floors from furniture marks or scratches. In fact placing a furniture at a place for too long can lead to stains or marks on the floor surface which is why using a furniture pad is the best possible way to protect the hard wood floors .

Retaining the finish by retouching

The glossy texture of the hard wood floor fades away with the passage of time; therefore a retouching session for retaining the glossiness is always suggested. The polish is to be retouched which is about recoating the surface with another layer of wax that would bring back the gloss upon the hard wood floor. Not too often but seldom, this re-layering the floor surface with wax is really helpful in terms of protection as well.

Using rags, furniture pads, carpets, mats, and door mats is always suggested to protect the wooden surface. Stains from liquids or may be piling up of dust for a long time are too dangerous as cleaning these would possibly leave scratches on the floor as removing such stubborn marks or piled up dust is tough enough. Hence, regularity of cleaning is imperative.

Say no to chemical cleaners

An array of chemical cleaners is available in the market but it is always suggested to choose the right one by checking the components of the product before we apply that upon the hard wood floor surface. Harsh chemical cleansers might just decimate the wax polish. This would create physical damage to the wood surface too. The wax coat would be eroded by harsh chemicals. Floor polishing services such as Floor polishing Brisbane and other might be hired for coating the floor with wax.

So, those were some of the potent threats which are to be kept in mind. Follow the above mentioned tips and remain worry-free.


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