5 Household Products That Contain Carcinogens And Why They Are Harmful

5 Household Products That Contain Carcinogens And Why They Are Harmful

Do you know what carcinogens are? How can they harm our health? How can we protect ourselves against them? What is the first step to take? Clueless, right?

Carcinogens are substances and exposures that can lead to cancer. Cancer is caused because of changes in our genetic blueprint, i.e. cell’s DNA. It might surprise you that many household products contain significant amounts of carcinogenic substances/chemicals, and we are directly exposed to it every day.

Think twice before you use any of the products mentioned below!

Deadly Household Products

Take a look at the list of some household products which contain a substantial amount of carcinogens:

1. Cleaning products

Do you have any idea if the chemicals which clean your house contain carcinogenic substances or not? EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning has analysed thousands of cleaning products, and the reports were pretty devastating. They found that a considerable percentage of all the inspected cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can cause severe damage to human health as well as the environment.

2. Air fresheners

It is a common habit to grab a bottle of air freshener whenever you come in contact with rancid odour, but do you know how many harmful chemicals are present in an air freshener? Many studies have proven that air fresheners contain one or more carcinogenic chemicals, and regular exposure to these fresheners will make you severely ill.

3. Pesticides

Do you have a home garden in your backyard? Do you prefer growing fruits and vegetables on your own to assure yourself of their high-quality? The soil that you use to develop your produce might contain pesticides to kill off other living organisms like insects, weeds and small animals so that your produce stays healthy and intact. But do you know that these pesticides might contain carcinogenic substances that can enter your produce, and then enter your body; enhancing the risk of cancer.

4. Facial moisturisers

One must moisturise their facial skin every day to keep it healthy and vibrant, right? But what you don’t know is that these moisturisers contain parabens (carcinogenic chemicals). Even though parabens prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast in the products, it has endocrine disrupting capabilities. It can also lead to tumours and other disorders. Moisturising every day does not sound like a healthy idea anymore, right?

5. Nail polish

This may be a female-centric cancer-causing product. Yes, you heard it right! If you don’t think twice before choosing a nail polish for yourself, then you are making a huge mistake because many nail polishes contain formaldehyde, which can raise the risk of cancer in your body. The risk of exposure is higher if you get your nails painted in a salon than do it yourself, as formaldehyde is also found in many nail disinfectant tools used by nail salons.

Be Careful

As you may already be aware of the pain and other consequences caused by the infamous-deadly disease, cancer. Eliminating the use of the products mentioned above is the first step that you can take to live a healthy life. The second step is the removal of such chemicals from your house. It can be achieved by routine survey & sampling of the products & parts of your home by professionals that can ensure the concentration of carcinogens in your house. Regular medical checkups are also advised to detect the presence of such substances inside the body.

Early detection can save your life! Period.

Even your old walls and roofs contain carcinogens like asbestos, which is a naturally-occurring fibrous substance that can cause severe diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma if exposed directly to it.

5 Household Products That Contain Carcinogens And Why They Are Harmful asbestos

You should always hire professionals for routine asbestos removal as well as other carcinogenic substances’ removal because you might not have the right equipment or attire to handle such harmful chemicals.

Don’t save money at the risk of your health; it’s not worth it!


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