How to Choose The Best Cordless Drill for the Job

How to Choose The Best Cordless Drill for the Job

The best cordless drill for any job is one that is easy to handle yet provides enough power to get the job done in a suitable time frame. A cordless drill offers several advantages over corded drills, such as portability and ease of use. Cordless drills can also provide plenty of power, to help with tough jobs at home or at the work site.

While cordless drills are suitable for many jobs, choosing the right model for the specific job is important. Beyond the length of a warranty, reading cordless drill reviews, and recommendations, there are several critical features to consider when buying the right cordless drill.

Size and weight

Size and weight of the drill are important features if you plan to use it throughout the day or frequently on the job. You will want to be able to grip the handle firmly. It should feel comfortable in the hand at the same time, to help prevent fatigue.

Though size often influences weight, it’s not always the case. Even with a battery pack, the drill should feel well balanced. Finding a light weight drill with as much power as you need is a good idea. But, it may require handling several before buying the right drill for your specific needs.


Weight and balance affect handling. However, shape and ergonomics will influence how well the drill handles during frequent use. Large hands combined with a bulky drill will make it difficult to get into tight spaces. Consider how easy it will be to get the drill into tight spaces when comparing different models.

Ergonomics, such as a hand hold and an easy to reach trigger can make a difference in how much fatigue the user experiences. These features may not be as important for someone who will use the drill occasionally. But they should be important to someone who will use it regularly or daily.


Power is important for many jobs. While the occasionally home repair may not require a powerful drill, but frequent users probably will. The speed, torque, and maximum watts output are features to consider when comparing cordless drills.

Many of today’s cordless models come with either 18 or 20 volt batteries that offer plenty of torque and power for most jobs. But, speed and torque are still more important that wattage in most instances. Speed is usually measured in revolutions per minute, or RPMs. Torque is measure in inch pounds and represents the force behind each revolution of the drill.


Convenience is always a consideration when choosing the right cordless tools. A cordless drill is no exception. Many cordless drill brands use battery packs that also fit in other power tools. This makes buying and using the cordless drill convenient, as well as cost effective. A battery pack that can quickly be removed from a sander, for example, and put into the drill makes home DIY projects easier and less of a hassle. When power outlets are hard to come by on the job site, a cordless drill with an interchangeable battery makes sense.

Buying a cordless battery doesn’t have to be difficult, if you keep some helpful tips in mind. When comparing different brands and models of cordless drills, it helps to focus on the same features. Some details to consider are battery life and charging time. These features are important if the drill will be used all day on the job or on weekend DIY projects with limited time available. Users may not have much time to wait for the battery to recharge and all day use makes a long battery life essential in a cordless drill.

Knowing the time required for recharge can help with purchase decisions, such as whether to buy an extra battery. Even with long times between charges, some jobs may be easier if an extra battery is kept ready to go.

Cordless drills come in all prices ranges, with a broad array of different features. The buyer should consider which features are necessary, to narrow the choices. This makes shopping and comparing easier. The best cordless drill is suited to the user and is also powerful enough for specific jobs. In general, brands or models with longer battery life, shorter charging times, greater torque, and higher RPMs are the ones to consider buying. Other features like size and ergonomics may also be important, depending on how and where the cordless drill will be used.


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