Hire a Long Island Traffic Lawyer To Fight Your Moving Violation

Hire a Long Island Traffic Lawyer To Fight Your Moving Violation

Whenever you are caught up in a moving violation charge, you always have the option of either pleading guilty, which means paying the fines and receiving points or contesting the matter in court. Just like other offenders that commit traffic offenses, you are entitled to a fair hearing in a court of law. Whenever this happens, it’s advisable to not plead guilty. Contact a Long Island traffic lawyer.

There are many reasons why legal experts recommend that the individuals that are involved in moving violations avoid pleading guilty. Here are the key reasons why you should not plead guilty in case you are brought up on charges of a moving violation.

Maintain a good driving record 

If you plead guilty to a moving violation, the charges will be included in your driving record. And this will make your case worse. If it happens that you have been involved in a similar or other traffic violations, pleading guilty will ruin your driving record. It will also make it very hard for you to evade harsh penalties.

By pleading not guilty, you stand a chance to get a good traffic lawyer or prepare a strong defence to clear your name in court. If you are successful, this could go a long way in shaping your image. Hence, it will keep your driving record clean. Even if you lose the contest, a good lawyer can still fight to have the charges excluded from your driving record.

With a good driving record, you can also avoid penalties that may include suspension of your driver’s license and other driving privileges in future.

Save money 

While some motorists think that paying traffic ticket is more cost-effective than taking the matter before court, it is not. If you commit a traffic offense, opting to pay the fine can be very costly in the long term. In fact, there are serious moving violations that could cost you hundreds of dollars and badly affect your finances. If you plead not guilty and go ahead to win the case, you will not have to pay any fine.

By pleading guilty, you will be required to pay the indicated amount on the ticket without any bargain. However, taking up the matter in court gives you and your lawyer a better chance to mount a strong defence. This could have the fines reduced even if you eventually get convicted.

In the event that you plead guilty to a moving violation, it is not only the fines that you will be required to pay. The more you plead guilty to moving violations, the more points you attract on your license. As a result, your insurance premiums will most likely go up and stay so for many years.

Despite the numerous benefits that come with pleading not guilty to a moving violation, mounting a proper defence in court requires expertise and experience. Unfortunately, most motorists don’t have this expertise. That’s why you should hire a competent traffic lawyer when accused of a moving violation.


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