Building Better – 6 Tips for Building the Perfect New Home

Building Better - 6 Tips for Building the Perfect New Home

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If you’re looking to step gracefully onto the property ladder, rather than trip, fall, and stumble, then it’s crucial to plan your dream home properly. While the floorplan and structures are essential, so too are those smaller detail that can often be forgotten. Below, we’ve included six tips for building the perfect new home:

Upgrade Your Drinking Water

It might seem like a minor detail, but those small considerations matter the most. A whole house water filter can ensure your drinking water is pure and clean while removing contaminants that may affect your family’s health. What’s more, having a whole house water filter can also make your water taste substantially better, and many come with built-in coolers and heaters to ensure you have icy cold or freshly boiled water all year round.

Solar Power

With the rising cost of electricity, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for alternative sources of energy to run the ever-expanding banquet of appliances and devices. When you’re building a new home, consider installing solar panels to reduce your electricity bill dramatically.

While not all homes are suitable for panel installation, according to Google’s Project Sunroof, four out of five are. By installing solar panels, there’s every possibility you could be saving thousands of dollars per year.

Make Your Home Smart

Advances in technology mean that our homes are becoming more intelligent than us. While this might be a somewhat unnerving prospect, it does make everyday living just that little bit easier. When you’re building a new home, consider looking at the many smart home options. From remotely operated lights, televisions and sound systems, to self-locking doors and more; there is an abundance of modifications in this $40 billion market that can make your home smarter, and your life easier.

Be Energy Efficient

For the benefit of our planet, we are continually being told to be more energy efficient. So much so that many of our appliances now come with EnergyGuide ratings to ensure we’re making a conscious effort to use fewer resources. When you’re building your new home, it’s helpful to be aware of what you purchase. The higher the efficiency rating, the less power you use and the more money you save, not to mention preserving the planet’s resources.

Install a Sound System

Many homes today are built with entertaining in mind. Kitchens open into living spaces, and stacker doors are installed to take advantage of sun-drenched patios. The icing on the cake is often a built-in surround sound system with speakers connected to your home instead of a stereo out in the open. By installing an audio system, you can add value to your property while creating an entertainer’s paradise in the process.

Design for the Future  

One of the most overlooked aspects of building a house is ensuring that it’s future-proofed. At some point, you are likely to upsize or downsize, handing the keys over to another excited family. Take care that the design, color scheme and fittings are timeless, as this will help to ensure that your home is just as attractive in years to come as it is now. It might be tempting to follow the latest style trends, but that might make your house unsellable a decade or more down the track. Classical styles that never go out of fashion are a safer bet to maximize your resale value and opportunities.

Building the perfect new home takes more than just selecting a building plan and choosing the carpet and drapes. You have to think outside the square, look at features that will make your life easier, and predict the future. It’s then, and only then that your new home will be perfect.


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