6 Things Your Chiropractor Wants You to Know

6 Things Your Chiropractor Wants You to Know

When you have to visit the chiropractor for the first time you will probably wonder how they can help you’re with your pain. Most people don’t know what to expect when they enter the office, so here are five things every chiropractor wants you to know.

They treat pain differently

A chiropractor is a therapist with a different approach to pain. While doctors prescribe pills for pain, chiropractors use their own hands to treat the muscular and skeletal injuries. However, both chiropractors and doctors receive almost the same training. The chiropractor is able to diagnose and treat a wide array of muscular and skeletal problems, focusing on the human anatomy.

Chiropractors don’t use drugs

Chiropractors diagnose the patient using clinical exams, imaging and tests, then evaluate if they are a good candidate for therapy. If the answer is positive, they will treat the patient using a drug-free approach, which has no side-effects. Chiropractors rely on their own hands to treat injuries and pain. If the patient is not a good candidate for this type of treatment, they will be referred to a doctor, who can prescribe pain management pills.

Prescription pills and chiropractic can go hand in hand

There are times when chiropractors and doctors work together to treat a patient. Each specialist excels in something, so bringing their knowledge together can benefit the patient. Doctors are more efficient in diagnosing and treating internal disorders, while chiropractors excel in treating muscular and skeletal injuries. A patient can suffer from disorders which require both prescription pills and therapy, so they will be under the care of both a chiropractor and a doctor.

Chiropractors can prevent pain

People usually end up in the chiropractors’ office when they are in pain. However, the therapist can prevent pain. If you manage to pick up the subtle signs your body gives you before pain, like stiffness or walking impairment, you can address the chiropractor, who is going to diagnose you and apply the required treatment before you are in pain.

Chiropractors can treat a lot of conditions

Most people are amazed to discover chiropractors can treat more than back pain. A therapist can treat headaches, vertigo and irritable bowel syndrome, among other conditions. Despite this, they are known best for treating back pain, so people look for chiropractors when they suffer from this condition. Studies revealed that chiropractors can successfully treat a number of less known conditions, like colic in babies. Research showed that babies who suffered from colic experienced a drastic improvement after three weeks of chiropractor care. This is amazing news for parents and their babies.

Chiropractic is also a preventative field

While the majority of people go to the chiropractor when they are injured, athletes visit them all the time. Chiropractors can advice on how to move and can help an athlete perform better and avoid injuries, which is why more and more sports personalities check in to these specialists in movement.


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