The Real Reason Why Image Content Sharing on Instagram is Critical to SEO Success

The Real Reason Why Image Content Sharing on Instagram is Critical to SEO Success

Social media marketing has played a crucial role in helping business owners increase their targeted traffic. Besides Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is gradually becoming popular when it comes to better traffic and more sales. In the 2012 report of Michael A. Stelzner, 85% of people who marketed their business online said that social media marketing has tremendously helped them for increasing their traffic and establishing their brand on the Internet. This means if you are a business owner and wish to increase your brand presence in the market, it is crucial for you to opt for social media marketing and bank on Instagram along with the other popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Photo sharing can increase your search engine ranks

When Instagram came into the market way back in 2010, people started to share images, and the response was very good. Gradually people became more aware of social media marketing, and they used Instagram to share pictures of their products online. This mainly helped them to increase brand awareness and consumer relations. Business owners started to post high-quality images of their products online. They educated people about their products and how they can derive advantages from them. Some organizations stepped forward, and they started to share photos about their social activities and upcoming events. This played a significant role when it came to changing the presentation of the company in front of the public. Instagram started to become even more popular as businesses started to host photo sharing competitions and contests. This helped them to rank more followers for Instagram, and the web presence of the company increased drastically too.

When you register on Instagram and create your business profile, you will find that you get a competitive edge with search engine optimization. You can reach out to over 700 million registered users on Instagram. Photo sharing has helped many business houses get better social media presence online. The use of hashtags has helped businesses improve their web presence online. These hashtags are visible to people that are looking for your products on the Internet.

Instagram might not directly influence search engine optimization however it does play a role in making your brand more visible. This is why when you are creating a social media strategy for your business, ensure that you develop a photo sharing strategy for Instagram as well. Remember the social media strategies that you create for social media platforms are different from one another and this is why you must focus on them separately. If you are not adept at the creation of social media strategies for Instagram, rely on a specialist company to conduct the same for you.

Search engine optimization mostly helps you to get web visibility. Instagram helps you to reach out to your targeted audience and increase lead conversions into sales better. If you are not Instagram, register on it and bring in a positive transformation to your business.

Author Bio: Ryan Greene is a search engine manager with an esteemed company in the USA, and he says that planning a strategy for increasing followers for Instagram will help you improve web presence and sales on the Internet.


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