Bathroom: Breathing New Life Into Old Design

Bathgroom: Breathing New Life Into Old Design

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There usually comes a time in the life of a space like a bathroom when something needs to be done to make some improvements. Of course, it won’t be ready for a full renovation, as this is an incredibly big job, and it only needs a little bit of a refresher. With the right time and effort, this job should be nice and easy. But, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the common tricks which are used by designers to make a bathroom look new.

The Fittings: Unlike most of the rooms in your home, the bathroom will have a very heavy presence of metal on display. Thanks to the conditions in the room, things like taps and flushers will often end up tarnished and looking very old. While you may need some help, this sort of product is easy to install, and you can find good examples in any hardware store. This alone will make the room take on some new life.

The Grout: Over time, the water in your bathroom will slowly ruin certain parts of your tiling jobs. As mold forms, white and cream masonry will quickly start to turn black. Thankfully, cleaning this sort of thing is just a matter of having the right chemicals for the job. You can find some great examples on Amazon, but it is worth being careful when making these purchases, especially if you have young children.

The Ceilings And Walls: Like the grout, any painted parts of your room will also start to go black after one too many showers has been had. To make this slightly better, an extractor fan can be installed to remove moisture from the air. Along with this, though, giving them a fresh lick of paint will make a real difference to the way they look.

Some Decorations: Most rooms have a set theme which their design will follow. As a big part of this, small ornaments and decorations will be used to bring things together. Getting some fresh examples of these sorts of items will help to switch up your style a little bit, while also keeping old traditions alive.

Something Bigger: There will always be a way to improve this part of your home with something a little bigger. Most bathrooms wil have sinks, and these are one of the fastest aging pieces of furniture in this room. While this sort of product is quite expensive, the range of styles available is massive, and this gives you the chance to alter your bathroom to fit a completely different theme. Most people won’t recognise this space with this work being done.

With all of this in mind, you should be able to take on your next bathroom refresh like it’s nothing at all. Decorating an entire room will be very hard, even with loads of inspiration, and it’s worth looking for easier ways to get it done. As part of this, simple changes are a great place to start, as these will seldom require extra skills.


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