4 Reasons Why a Scented Candle Is a Must-Have for Every Home

4 Reasons Why a Scented Candle Is a Must-Have for Every Home

Looking to transform your home’s ambience from good to gorgeously deluxe? Light the finest fragranced candle you can find.

Scented candles are ideal for decoration, require zero maintenance and can make your home smell heavenly. After a long stressful day, scented candles conjure a calming effect inside your home.

Your body is naturally sensitive to different scents. When you expose yourself to certain odors, your brain reacts and your mood changes. This is the reason why using scented candles for aromatherapy is so powerful and can have a lasting impact.

With its warm glow and evocative fragrance, using a scented candle is the simplest way to add light and luxury to your living spaces. Below are more reasons to have one (or more) in your home.

1. Sets the mood.

Candles can set effect different kinds of moods. Whether you want to unwind or dance all night, candles can help you create the mood you like.

Here are some ways on how candles can affect a person’s mood.

  • Need to focus? Lighting a cinnamon candle promotes creative thinking. A eucalyptus scented candle also helps enhance mental focus.
  • Feeling the blues? Vanilla and tangerine are perfect fragrances to encourage a blissful and peaceful state of mind.
  • Low on energy? Whenever you’re feeling tired, light up candles with clove, peppermint, pine and lemon scents. These ingredients help fight off fatigue.
  • Seeking some peace and quiet? Burn a candle that has a combination of lemongrass and violet leaf. This will promote feelings of tranquility and peace.
  • Trouble sleeping? If you have sleeping problems, light a lavender, chamomile, neroli or sandalwood candle before bedtime.
  • Stressed? For stress-busting, choose candles with lemon, rose, lavender, orange, sandalwood or vanilla. These fragrances will help reduce any mild symptoms of anxiety or depression.
  • In the mood for love? Set the mood for love with orange, patchouli, roses or ylang-ylang candles. These fragrances help tickle the senses and awaken your sensuality.

2. Enhances your home decor

Some of the most premium scented candles are so exquisitely made, they can function as art in your home. Moreover, the glow they create allows you to achieve textured lighting in any room and highlight its best features.

You can choose the right candle design and color to match or even elevate your home decor. Make sure to place candles strategically in the kitchen, bedroom or the living room, so you can enjoy their full impact.

With their ability to single-handedly transform a room, it’s no wonder why scented candles are called “currency in the interior-design world.” That’s also why for many, candle gift sets are perfect presents for all occasions.

3. Promotes well-being

Most therapeutic essence candles have beneficial ingredients for aromatherapy which helps your body relax. Aromatherapy uses natural oils from plants to enhance your physical and psychological well-being.

For this purpose, you may use a scented candle with the tantalizing fragrances of honey, cinnamon and ginger. The combination of sweet and spicy notes can both relax and rejuvenate your senses, allowing you to experience healing self-care.

4. Expresses your personality

Your personal choice of candles speaks volumes about your personality. Whether you prefer woody or flowery scents, lighting a candle makes your space your own.

Below are some candle scents to help you pick one that best suits your personality.

  • Lemon – If you’re someone who appreciates a clean and orderly place, lemon is your go-to scent. It has the ability to deodorize any room by making your home smell fresh all the time.
  • Cedar – For someone who’s adventurous and wants to breathe in fresh air, this scent is for you.
  • Rose – If you’re romantic at heart, a rose-scented candle will best fit your character.
  • Lavender – If you love to unwind and relax, then this scent is what you’re looking for. Because of its calming effects, it’s an aromatherapy wonder.
  • Sandalwood – Are you someone who always wants to please people? This gender-neutral scent is something that would please both you and your hubby.
  • Vanilla – A traditionalist who prefers classic over trendy will like this scent. You can never go wrong with popular vanilla.
  • Apple – If you love food, this scent will remind you of the delicious smell of apples.

Light and love 

There’s something about lighting a candle that feels ancient, dreamy and whimsical. Yet there’s also the hard science behind the scent and why the smells we love can evoke positive memories and feelings of well-being.

The very ritual of lighting a beautiful and beautifully scented candle can be a signal for your body, mind and soul to take a moment to pause, reflect and take a break from the bustle of everyday living. And that alone is reason enough to light a candle in your home today.


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