What’s Her Secret? Beauty Tips To Keep You In The Know!

What's Her Secret? Beauty Tips To Keep You In The Know!

Some people manage to look look perfect everyday day. No matter what the weather throws at us, even if it’s blowing a gale, they still manage to hold it together in the style stakes. Is it because they are blessed with naturally good looks, with the “perfect” gene firmly embedded in their DNA? Or do they spend hours and hours creating the perfect “I’ve just left the salon” look?

What's Her Secret? Beauty Tips To Keep You In The Know!

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In reality some people are just stylish, however there is hope for us all, if you are prepared to work at it. It actually takes quite a lot of planning, preparation and effort. In fact to be fair, looking perfect all the time could be considered very high maintenance!

This article aims to highlight ways you can create a well groomed perfect image on a daily basis!

Plan ahead

Great planning is the key to looking perfect. Plan ahead what you are going to wear everyday. Also plan what accessories you will wear with each outfit. Pick the right coloured shoes, right coloured handbag and jewellery to go with your outfit.

Your accessories count for a lot in looking well groomed and mismatched shoes can totally ruin a look. Ensure your shoes and outfit is perfectly clean and pressed, you want to avoid looking crumpled at all cost!

When choosing outfits aim for a classic look, rather than high fashion. Invest in a few items of clothing that are expensive, but classic, so that they will last the test of time. You could buy investment pieces during sale times to keep costs down, Ensure your clothes are not faded, tatty or dirty. Iron clothes carefully to get rid of creases and to look like they just off the peg.

Create your own personal style and only wear items of clothes that you know suit you, not because you saw it in the latest celebrity magazine. Fashion mistakes will make people gasp in horror, rather than admiration!


What's Her Secret? Beauty Tips To Keep You In The Know!

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Create a fabulous smile by ensuring your teeth are in perfect condition. Make sure you have regular dental checks and consider Full Coverage Dental Insurance to cover dental treatments such as teeth whitening and orthodontic treatment.

For missing teeth and crowns you could consider dental implants. They fit directly into your jaw, similar to natural teeth and if looked after properly can last a lifetime.

Always have breath freshener in your handbag, you don’t want to ruin your perfect smile with smelly breath!

Be prepared for every eventuality

You never know what the weather is going to do, you may set off in the morning in the pouring rain, only for it to be red hot by lunchtime. Well groomed people are always prepared. If the sun comes out on a previously rainy day, no problem – they just grab their ultra stylish sunglasses out of their bag!

Other essential items to keep at hand include an umbrella, plasters, safety pins and mints. You just never know when you might need them.

Don’t forget tissues, well prepared stylish people are always able to offer a crisp clean tissue to whoever needs one. They can find them easily in their well organised bag and don’t have to scrabble around searching!

Personal hygiene

Perfectly groomed individuals have impeccable personal hygiene and always look and smell divine. In fact the most stylish people have their own signature scent which wafts seductively wherever they go! Experiment with different perfumes that suit your personality. Think Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No.5.

Sweet smelling hair is particularly important and “bad hair” days, just don’t happen. Unwashed hair tied back with a band, is never going to look sophisticated. If it means getting up half an hour earlier in the morning, do it!

To keep your hair looking perfectly styled, opt for an easy to maintain haircut. Get advice from your stylist and ask for care and styling tips. Avoid root regrowth and always have a pair of sunglasses available for emergency hair “cover up” disasters!

Perfectly applied makeup

Makeup should be perfectly applied at all times. Try to develop the skill of making your face look naturally beautiful rather than gaudy. You want people to think that it just takes a few minutes to look this good, even though you’ve been up since 6am applying it!

Check your makeup regularly and reapply at least once during the day.

Don’t forget to create the perfect eyebrow, they frame your face perfectly when done well. If your eyebrows are a little sparse naturally or have been over plucked over the years you could consider microblading, which is a semi permanent brow option.

Permanent makeup may help you to look groomed all the time as there is no chance of it rubbing off or running in the rain!

Perfect nails

What's Her Secret? Beauty Tips To Keep You In The Know!

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Lovely manicured hands and nails are a must, with no chipped polish or dry skin to ruin your look! Nail polish colours are optional, but to look truly classy a french manicure is the ultimate classic option. The french manicure always look stylish.

Grooming schedule

It sounds a bit boring and predictable, however having a schedule will ensure that treatments such as hair removal, manicures and facials become a “norm” rather than the occasional treat. If you feel good, you’ll look good!

Ensure you visit your hair salon every 4-6 weeks, this will help your style always look at its best. Choose a fairly easy style to do at home, so that you always look salon fresh! If you have a big night out or event in between salon visits, book in for a blow dry. Some people have a weekly blow dry as a normal part to their week. Also, you should learn how to remove acrylic nails as well.

Achieving a perfectly well groomed look is not as easy as it seems and has the potential to be quite costly. However adopt some of these grooming habits and you’ll soon become “that” person in the room, who gets everyone wondering what your secret is!  


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