6 Things No One Ever Tells You about Trekking in Laos

6 Things No One Ever Tells You about Trekking in Laos

Laos is said to be a forgotten country of Southeast Asia, which is now considered as a precious gem of the East. Laos is a small country as well as it is the most beautiful destination for tourism and enjoying the adventures games like hiking, mount biking and trekking and kayaking. People come from far in Laos for taking the amazing experience of nature. Laos has a special gift from nature and that is the tremendous and picturesque views of waterfalls, and mountains, you must not forget the wildlife, Namkhan Eco Farm, Buddhist temples and other ancient structures.

Trekking in Laos is one of the favorite amusements for tourists. Here we are going to introduce you some secret 6 things no one ever tells you about trekking in Laos, let’s take a look:-

1. Luang Prabang: Major trekking site:

6 Things No One Ever Tells You about Trekking in Laos

Luang Prabang is a famous trekking site in Laos’s country. It is stated on the North side of Laos along with Namkhan River. Luang Prabang is being considered as a royal place of Laos, because here you will found ancient architecture and buildings as well as high mountains which have an invitation to hiking and trekking lovers. There are numbers of attractive sites available for trekking, you can also visit the unique eco farm named Namkhan Eco-farm, and can enjoy the adorable organic food and environment as well.

2. Nong Khiaw village for trekking:

Nong Khiaw is situated on the banks of Nam Ou River, which is said to be a famous tourist attraction, especially for trekking and mount biking. The whole village is surrounded by high mountains and dark, and thick forests. The small town has charming effects of nature’s scenes. You can easily find transport from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw.

3. Vang Vieng: Modern town:

6 Things No One Ever Tells You about Trekking in Laos

Likewise Nong Khiaw, Vang Vieng is also a royal place but it is totally opposite from Luang Prabang. The town is popular for youngsters, and adventure lovers. You can easily find accommodation here; also you can hire a guide for trekking spot. You can also hang out in famous restaurants, bars and hotels and can enjoy the traditional Laotian cuisine. Vang Vieng is also popular for night parties, so must visit here once.

4. Luang Namtha:

Luang Namtha is situated on the banks of Nam Tha River, which is located on North side of Laos. Luang Namtha is also a famous tourist and adventure spot, many tourists come from far for taking the amazing experience of hiking, and trekking on mountains, you can also enjoy the wildlife into deep dark forests of Luang Namtha. The high mountains, jungle and ancient structures will surely give you Goosebumps.

5. Vientiane:

Vientiane is the capital of Laos country, and famous for its tourist spots like, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls and forests. Vientiane is also surrounded with high mountains, so mountain biking and trekking is the common game here. Thousands of visitors come here every year; the major factor to stay here that you can enjoy the famous Laotian food, as well as you can find luxurious accommodation and transport system.

6. Huay Xai:

Huay Xai is located on the banks of Mekong River that is an important source for agriculture of Laos’s country. Huay Xai is also the capital of Bokeo region, tourism is the main income source of Huay Xai pace, especially it is popular for trekking and rock climbing. You can see the high mountains view from far, as well as you will love to visit in “morning market” of Huay Xai, but make sure that you must wake up early for taking appropriate advantage of nature.


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