How to break your addictive habits

How to break your addictive habits

Addictions display themselves in a range of different ways. It could be a life-long habit that you didn’t realize is causing long-term damage to your health, such as a love of fast food on a daily basis or popping outside for a cigarette every few hours. Feeling both mentally and physically ready to break your addictions can be tough, especially as they are bound to give you pleasure or provide you with a brief escape from any issues that you face in your everyday life. Therefore, it’s important that you face this as a challenge, and be sure to have the willpower to work towards a healthier and happier new you.


Who doesn’t enjoy the odd glass of wine on the weekend or a glass of beer after work? However, alcohol consumption can soon mount up, as you may not even realize the number of units that you are drinking. Excessive alcohol consumption poisons your body, causing liver damage over time. It can result in a host of health issues, including causing anxiety and depression, and blood pressure issues. If you drink too much alcohol or you find that you turn to it when you are stressed, then try cutting back. First, you will notice the improvements in your digestion, and you may even experience weight loss, as alcohol contains hidden calories. You may even feel a lot more energized too. It’s important that you try and work out why you drink, and you don’t use alcohol as a solution to your problems.

Cutting your spending

Do you always find yourself out of pocket by the second week of the month? Are you spending more than you earn? Perhaps, you have mounting credit card debt and a seriously full closet? If you are a shopaholic, then it’s not only your household income that will suffer. You could even be causing health problems such as high blood pressure or depression, as you feel yourself becoming increasingly overwhelmed. Begin small by leaving your credit cards at home. If you usually hit the shops during your lunch break, then try going to the gym or spending time with your colleagues. Bring your own snacks and lunch to the office, rather than spending a fortune on meals out. Small changes will have a huge impact on your bank balance.


If you want to stop smoking, but find it hard to know where to start, then e-cigarettes could help you quit. Vaping provides a similar sensation, without you consuming harmful tobacco and chemicals. It can replace the habit of having something to puff on in your daily breaks or when out socializing. You can shop for replacement vape liquid online from companies such as Mt Baker Vapor e liquid flavors. Why not break this addiction?

It can be tough breaking your addictions, but with determination, you will succeed! From drinking to smoking or spending too much, try and identify what triggers your behavior and work on beating it.


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