6 Benefits You Can Get From Using LED Lights in Your Home

6 Benefits You Can Get From Using LED Lights in Your Home

Every homeowner looks for different ways to run a household efficiently while keeping costs at a minimum. And one of the best ways to make this possible is through the use LED lights at home.

But what is LED?

In the lighting industry, light emitting diodes or LED, for short, are one of the most groundbreaking technological achievements. LED lights are small solid light bulbs which last longer and are energy efficient.

LED technology offers many advantages over neon, incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting. It’s a great alternative to standard lights or halogen lamps. They have lower energy requirements, reduced maintenance costs and are generally considered a safer alternative. The main advantage being that they can have an extremely long life, while not always the same for each set of lights, you might find yourself asking; how long do led bulbs last?

LED lighting is the most efficient and eco-friendly way to illuminate your home. Below are six ways on how you can benefit from it.

1. Safety

When you have kids at home, you’ll be spending majority of your time thinking about their safety. One way to childproof your home is to replace your traditional light bulbs with LED lights.

Traditional light bulbs get hot quickly which make your kids susceptible to getting burned when they accidentally touch a light bulb like the one in your table lamp.

LED lights emit smaller amounts of heat. So even if you can’t constantly prevent your children from touching things they shouldn’t, you can minimize their chances of getting injured by taking care of your lighting.

Traditional bulbs also break easily since they’re made of glass. On the other hand, LED bulbs are made up of epoxy lenses which means they are tough and virtually indestructible.

2. Eco-Friendly

For those who are environmentally conscious and striving to lead a greener lifestyle, LED lights are a popular choice. They do not have toxic chemicals unlike traditional bulbs which may contain hazardous materials like mercury. Using LED doesn’t only remove the risk of exposure but also makes it easy for you to dispose of the bulb.

You can also recycle LED bulbs whereas traditional bulbs will still need a certain drop-off point for recycling. The main reason why LED bulbs are eco-friendly is that they last longer and only use a portion of the energy that most traditional light bulbs use. This doesn’t only reduce your carbon footprint but also enables you to spend less on both replacement bulbs and electricity.

3. Flexible Design

You can combine LED lights of any shape, size or color to create the perfect illumination for any space you want to light up. You can also dim LED lighting elements separately to have full control over the color and amount of light. LED flexible strips serve both functional and decorative purposes, as their design makes them perfect for accent lighting to add “oomph” to your interiors.

Due to their design flexibility, the aviation industry has been extensively using this lighting technology.

4. Endurance

According to Energy.gov, a LED bulb uses 75 percent less energy compared to an incandescent bulb. To further elaborate, an incandescent bulb has an approximate 2,000 hours before it burns out. A LED bulb, on the other hand, lasts for 50,000 to 100,000 hours before needing replacement. This long lifespan makes it more energy efficient than other lighting devices.

5. Durability

The design of LED bulbs is perfect for withstanding extreme temperatures. They’re an ideal choice for hot weather conditions since they won’t explode due to overheating. On the other hand, they are also suitable for cold weather because they can survive frigid outdoor temperatures.

So whichever side of the equator you are on, near or far, LED lights for any outdoor holiday decoration will always be a great choice.

6. Light Quality

Most traditional light bulbs take a few seconds to reach their maximum brightness whereas LED light bulbs reach 100 percent brightness immediately. LED spotlights work great for focal points and for rooms where the lights frequently go on and off.

Other traditional lighting options don’t work well with frequent switching on and off as doing so diminishes their lifespan. LED lights can illuminate any room with full brightness and last for many years, even if you often turn them on or off. For detailed guide on led lights we recommend you check out these reviews.

A bright idea

The above benefits all show how LED lighting can save you a lot of money while being the greener lighting option. Now that you’re aware of the benefits of LED technology, imagine how much you can save if you use LED bulbs all throughout your home.

On the outset, LED light bulbs initially cost more. But when you do the math and consider their longevity and green features, you realize it all makes sense, and actually ends up saving you money. With LED light bulbs being the more durable, efficient and eco-friendly lighting option, there’s no doubt that they will remain a popular choice for years to come.

But if you’re still considering changing your traditional home lighting to LED, consult with a lighting company on how you can go about it.


Ajay Awtaney is co-founder of Nakashi General Trading LLC, an electrical lighting company in Dubai catering to the needs of clients and projects requiring quality lighting products and solutions. Nakashi General Trading LLC today is an approved vendor of reputable organisations (Jumeirah, Engineering Office, Meraas, Musanadah and Thumbay, to name a few) for supplying lighting products.


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